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Lv. 15
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Hi there, dont bite my pokemon and they wont bite you. :)

Blastoise Blastoise V Female Lvl 48
Nature: Neutral
Age: 3,798 days
Held item: Liechi Berry
Venusaur Venusaur V Male Lvl 47
Nature: Neutral
Age: 3,783 days
Held item: Liechi Berry
Charizard Charizard V Male Lvl 47
Nature: Neutral
Age: 3,735 days
Held item: Liechi Berry
Kabuto Kabuto V Shiny! Male Lvl 35
Nature: Neutral
Age: 3,696 days
Held item: None
Kadabra Kadabra V Female Lvl 41
Nature: Neutral
Age: 3,684 days
Held item: Liechi Berry
Umbreon Umbreon V Male Lvl 12
Nature: Neutral
Age: 3,619 days
Held item: Kelpsy Berry
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It's My First Day!
Regrets, I've Had A Few
New Trader
Ring of Fire
One of the Gang
I Like To Poke Things
No Woman No Cry
This Used To Mean Something
Let's Go To The City
Let Your Love Flow
Send Me On My Way
Now That's Retro
Pika Power
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