GhostReseacherJill Unknown

(#9187)   the   Miner
Lv. 19
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Gonna get me some ghosts

Jolteon Vitalis the Jolteon V Male Lvl 36
Nature: Neutral
Age: 3,618 days
Held item: None
Shuppet Sai the Shuppet V Male Lvl 31
Nature: Neutral
Age: 3,501 days
Held item: Everstone
Zoroark Hughbert the Zoroark V Male Lvl 33
Nature: Neutral
Age: 3,504 days
Held item: None
Chandelure Sophie the Chandelure V Female Lvl 58
Nature: Neutral
Age: 3,483 days
Held item: None
Haxorus Alessia the Haxorus V Female Lvl 54
Nature: Neutral
Age: 3,458 days
Held item: None
Pidgeotto Guy the Pidgeotto V Male Lvl 30
Nature: Neutral
Age: 3,443 days
Held item: None
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Bad To The Bone
It's My First Day!
No Woman No Cry
Regrets, I've Had A Few
One of the Gang
Ring of Fire
I Like To Poke Things
Keep Rolling Rolling Rolling
Let's Go To The City
New Trader
The Ugly Duckling
Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
This Used To Mean Something
Pika Power
Fortunate Son
Gym Leaders?
Now That's Retro
That Doesn't Count
Crystal Clear
Halfway There!
GhostReseacherJill's Basic Ranch - Lv. 36
Quest Name Description Started Finished Status
Save The AviaryCompletely fill the aviary.4:34am 07/01/12In progress
Sigilpyh DetectiveTrack down all the missing Sigilyph.4:34am 07/01/12In progress
Keystone MysteryFind out the purpose of the Odd Keystone.4:36am 07/01/12In progress
Luvdisc Is In The AirBreed a very specific Luvdisc for the Gamecorner owner.4:38am 07/01/12Not started
Scroll of WaterObtain the water scroll.2:41am 08/03/12Not started

What's A Shiny?Show Blue a shiny Pokémon.4:38am 07/01/121:52pm 20/06/12Completed
Scroll of GrassObtain the grass scroll.2:39am 08/03/122:41am 08/03/12Completed
Scroll of FireObtain the fire scroll.10:29pm 21/02/122:39am 08/03/12Completed
Courier IIPick up a letter from Roark on Sevii Isle One to deliver to the Pokémon Gym.8:43am 13/01/1210:29pm 21/02/12Completed
CourierDeliver Professor Oak's parcel to the Pokémon Gym.4:38am 07/01/128:43am 13/01/12Completed
Briney's WingullHelp find Mr Briney's missing Wingull, Peeko.4:37am 07/01/124:37am 07/01/12Completed
Started: 2:05am 25/08/2011 Trades: 30
Interactions: 3,740 Stones mined: 55
Fished: 72 Released: 57
Fossils revived: 0 Bug Contests Won: 24
Gifts sent: 0 Helped Rowan: 0
Golden User: 2 Shared The Luv: 0
Karma: 95 Mirage Island Appearances: 0