Rapidashlover US

(#9626)   the   Utilitarian
Lv. 12
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Solrock Solrock V Female Lvl 18
Nature: Neutral
Age: 3,358 days
Held item: None
Absol Absol V Female Lvl 18
Nature: Neutral
Age: 3,232 days
Held item: None
Hoothoot Hoothoot V Female Lvl 19
Nature: Neutral
Age: 3,143 days
Held item: None
Trubbish Trubbish V Male Lvl 15
Nature: Neutral
Age: 2,895 days
Held item: None
Gulpin Gulpin V Female Lvl 15
Nature: Neutral
Age: 2,926 days
Held item: None
Hoothoot Hoothoot V Female Lvl 15
Nature: Neutral
Age: 2,926 days
Held item: None
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It's My First Day!
New Trader
Let's Go To The City
Gym Leaders?
Regrets, I've Had A Few
Free Bird
I Like To Poke Things
No Woman No Cry
One of the Gang
Keep Rolling Rolling Rolling
The Ugly Duckling
Rapidashlover's Basic Ranch - Lv. 22
Quest Name Description Started Finished Status
Save The AviaryCompletely fill the aviary.6:30pm 12/05/12Not started
Sigilpyh DetectiveTrack down all the missing Sigilyph.6:31pm 12/05/12In progress
Keystone MysteryFind out the purpose of the Odd Keystone.6:32pm 12/05/12In progress
I Hope You Like Jammin' TooHelp the Augment Hacker learn how to play the Pokeflute.4:51pm 11/12/12In progress
Delibird's DittyHelp Delibird record a Pokéflute song as a gift!3:07pm 26/12/14Not started

Bring Bronzong BackBronzong needs to be awoken from its long slumber.4:50pm 11/12/124:51pm 11/12/12Completed
Distortion DisasterGo after one of the Distortion World Pokémon.1:04pm 26/06/121:05pm 26/06/12Completed
Distorted RealityInvestigate the Distortion World.1:04pm 26/06/121:04pm 26/06/12Completed
What's A Shiny?Show Blue a shiny Pokémon.6:39pm 12/05/121:03pm 26/06/12Completed
Scroll of WaterObtain the water scroll.12:47pm 26/06/121:02pm 26/06/12Completed
Scroll of GrassObtain the grass scroll.12:45pm 26/06/1212:47pm 26/06/12Completed
Scroll of FireObtain the fire scroll.12:38pm 26/06/1212:45pm 26/06/12Completed
Courier IIPick up a letter from Roark on Sevii Isle One to deliver to the Pokémon Gym.11:05pm 21/06/1212:38pm 26/06/12Completed
CourierDeliver Professor Oak's parcel to the Pokémon Gym.6:39pm 12/05/1211:05pm 21/06/12Completed
Briney's WingullHelp find Mr Briney's missing Wingull, Peeko.6:27pm 12/05/126:28pm 12/05/12Completed
Started: 3:56pm 10/05/2012 Trades: 107
Interactions: 1,127 Stones mined: 2
Fished: 1 Released: 53
Fossils revived: 0 Bug Contests Won: 0
Gifts sent: 6 Helped Rowan: 0
Golden User: 5 Shared The Luv: 0
Karma: -10 Mirage Island Appearances: 0