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Re: I'm Playing White!

Post by WhoKnows_WhoCares »

Finally back on this, and onto a Grinding Session. I start off on the area beyond the gym, Battle a trainer who heals me straight after the battle (nice of her) and then found/caught a Tabunne in the grass just south of her. Then i found a level 14 Dokkora - a fighting type... Nice, gym 2 might be a bit easier with that guy, so i head back to the Pokemon center, Switch out Chorenko for it and train up with that. During training my yorterri evolved - the new evolution screen is kind of cool, if not a little similar to digimon. i also caught Otamaro and nageki.

Once dokkora hit 19, i head back to the gym to beat the leader down - HARD!

after the gym leader, we head outside to find team plazma stealling a statue - or the head of one anyway... looks like i'm after them - again. i head into the near by forest and find every team plazma member i can find - and beat any other trainer in the way. I've also switched out for otamaro, cause it looks like a better water type.

In the forest i caught a Churine and a kurumiru while stumbeling around the forest, stomping down team plazma

Either i've missed something or Poison isnt as bad as it used to be - no longer was it draining the health of my Mamapoto while treaking back to a pokemon center to be cured - if true, i'm not sure whether to be happy or sad about that little fact.

Woo - mamapoto has evolved - that's 2 evo's i've now done... man i really have not played this game a lot

so i'm out of the forest and see a REALLY long bridge. the camera angle(s) on walking along the bridge is kind of awesome... watching the traffic bellow as i walk across is cool as well. And i make it to huin city - the dock place from the trailer - and its more awesome when you get to walk around it yourself.

i heard you got to get victini from here... pay attetion Cheerio... Thanks to Tatsu in the chat room, i know its in the bottom left one (its the one that's almost off screen). you arrive on the island, there's a big tower/lighthouse in the middle of it... you've got to walk around and get in to it - and there's trainers in the way, all of them plazma grunts. Thankfully there's a guard by the door and who will heal you. Interestingly, after you catch vicitini and walk out - team plazma are lead away buy guards/cops... nice to see some of those shmucks get arested

After i get back to city life - i save and quit... this has been a fairly long session, thanks to the grinding i had to start off with... hopefully more will happen sooner rather than later
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Re: I'm Playing White!

Post by cheerio495 »

thanks, I was able to catch victini shortly after reading this- thanks :)
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