Important Zorua/Zorark event information

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Important Zorua/Zorark event information

Post by WhoKnows_WhoCares »

So recently we all should have picked up some Shiny Legendary Dogs and maybe even a special Celebi... these pokemon, when transferred to black/white, unlock 2 special events. The dogs unlock the ability to catch Zoroark while Celebi will net you a Zorua

So all you have to do is put them first for Black/White's version of the Pal Park, the poketransfer right?


Doing that, while getting these pokemon onto your games, will not allow the events to activate, instead you have to unlock a special transfer method to get them across... how do you do that? read on...

First head to Castelia City. In one of the buildings, one of the guys will let you set a special phrase. you can set anyone you want but if you set the following:


You'll unlock a new main menu tab labeled 'relocator' - awesome right?

but what does the relocator do? well activating it sends a download play link onto your 4th gen games running on another DS console - this will then allow you to upload any of the 3 shiny legendary dogs or the recent special celebi...

Now you can activate the 2 events


You only need 1 of the shiny legendary dogs to activate this event. Once done, an extra forest area will unlock of route 16. Heading there and you'll bump into a different shiny legendary dog. If you traded raikou, you'll bump into entei, trade across entei and you'll meet suicune and if you trade across suicune you'll encounter raikou. Don't be fooled though, hit it and it's illusion is broken, beat it up and catch it as normal. it's level 25...


Put your special celebi in front of your party and head to the gates by castelia city, talking to two trainers standing side by side. Talking to them, celebi will pop out and suddenly one of them will turn into zorua. The trainer will then give you the zorua as a prize for your achievement... it's at level 10

Interestingly there's another item you can transfer via the relocator... the lock capsule. this item, when taken to the correct place, will unlock a TM which is otherwise unavailable... snarl, a dark type move which does damage and lowers the opponets special attack. When, or even if, this item is released is completly uknown
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