We're Back... Again

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We're Back... Again

Post by WhoKnows_WhoCares »

And we're back. I can give nothing but appologies for the downtime The Pika Club has been experiancing over the past couple of days. Here's exactly what happened, and why we as a staff are so happy its back up now.

Friday, about 1800gmt, The sevrers where the Pika club is stored had a fault. We have a cloud server package, and our site (along with anybody else who has a cloud server package from our hosts) is stored across 16 drives. Sould one of the drives fail, the site stays up and there is no downtime experianced at all. Unfortunately 2 of the drives failed, and this took everybody's website offline. The annoying thing was that our host had planned a scheduled maintanance to start a few days later, and in this maintanance an upgrade would have seen the new system being able to cope with 2 drive failures.

The Bad news was that because of how the data is stored, it was looking like everybody had lost everything. This is bad. It got worse for us personally as we estimated our last back up of the site to be just before x-mas, and it was on Pikachu3828's home computer, a computer he wouldnt be able to access until easter time due to his attending university.

This left our site potentially down for 3 months. Something that was unfortunate, but we couldnt avoid. Just as I was preparing a message to appear on our newly obtained server (the one we were due to get from the scheduled maintanance anyway), A message came from our hosts. Their technicians had tirelessly worked hundreds of hours and followed any lead, no matter how small and remote... and they managed to recover our data.

And so here we are now, the site, back on a new server. The data is exactly as it was Friday when the site went down, so you've lost nothing. And anything in your ranch will have gainned a nice few days worth of exp, a lot of eggs should be ready to hatch, and everything it just as it was.

From now on our personal back up system will change as well, With myself keeping a copy of the site and trying to back up the database about once a week so should we every be in this situation again, we can get our site up quicker.

Thank you for your paitaince and again, we're sorry that you've been unable to visit The Pika Club for the past few days. as an oppology, there is a special offer to all AA users found on the AA homepage.

Welcome Back To The Pika Club - We hope you stick around and have fun!
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