Majoras Mask

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Majoras Mask

Post by Levi »

has anybody played majoras mask if you have tell me what you think about it
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Post by TaylorGS »

I think Majora's Mask is a really unique and awesome Zelda title.

I really liked collecting all the masks (I luff the Bunny Hood's speed! <3) and figuring out how to help everyone in the Bomber's Notebook.

What probably annoyed me the most was the saving. To make the save pernament, you'd have to go back in time. You'd have to completely beat a dungeon before you could pernamently save. I'm used to saving like, every room in a dungeon. o_o;
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Post by Pikachu3828 »

Majora's Mask was unfortunate in that it came out after Ocarina of Time, arguably the best Zelda ever and a contender for the best game ever. It really set a standard no game could ever possibly reach and so it went largely unnoticed, which is a shame since it's a really good game and the mask system was pretty damn fun.

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Post by 1234pikachu »

I like it,just that the Great Bay Temple really annoys me.Like just as you think you have finished the hard bits there's the boss.Otherwise I love it and you get to turn into other creatures.though there is th film when you have to go to the moon.

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