Chain breed a Larvitar

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Chain breed a Larvitar

Post by TaylorGS »

I thought of this some time ago, but never got around to doing it... I also have no clue if it's worth the hassle... @_@;

But.. I'm going to work towards hatching a Larvitar with something like...

:Larvitar: Larvitar (nature... suggestions?)
Dragon Dance

... I'm just getting Outrage because I can. I'm probably not going to keep the special attack... But the Charmander hatchling might make some use of it... ^^;

... ANYWAYS... Let's see what I'm going to do... @_@;

[]Train a male Dratini lv50 to learn Outrage and Dragon Dance
[]Breed it with my female Charizard
[]Breed a male Charmander with female Lavitar
[]Figure out a good moveset
[]Raise him/her 'til Lavitar evolves to Tyranitar... :Tyranitar:

... Okay. It sounded like a lot more in my head... @_@;

... ANYWAYS... I'd like a suggestion for a nature, and moveset... I've never gotten a Tyranitar, and I figured I'd get one with a nice moveset and nature. (The closest I got to a Tyranitar was a Pupitar on my Gold... Then Gold corrupted. ;_; )
... Please? @_@;
I drop by every now and then... I shall never be just a memory! *cackles*
... Not back to the regularly scheduled thread... ^^;

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