Tay's journal of statistics and stuff in Pearl

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Tay's journal of statistics and stuff in Pearl

Post by TaylorGS »

Eh... I don't remember what I did since I got Pearl. So I'll start with today and keep going. ._.;

July 21
I have a goal.

I've thwarted Team Galactic, thrashed the Elite Four [barely], and ran around Shinnoh. So I need a new goal in meh life, yesh? And that will be to get more Pokémon in the Pokédex than Diamond-rival/sis. So far, I have been behind.

I'll use some shorthand for writing this stuff. First number is "obtained" and second number is "seen." Easy enough for me to remember.

Shinnoh Dex: 127-150
National Dex: 226-303

So anyways, after I made my normal rounds flying around to my random berry patches, I stopped to adore my Ambipom. As sad as it is, she's the first Pokémon I ever bothered to raise this high, and she never will be used in serious battles. She is an HM Pokémon (my first), after all. And a Pickup Pokémon. I never have to buy healing items anymore, and I have way too many of those new stones to ever use in my lifetime (which is over 10 or 20. O_o) Oh yeah, did I mention that I love my level 78 Ambipom? Yeah, I think I covered that, so I'll shut up now. n_n;

I thought to increase my dex count, I'd evolve a Chansey and Piloswine. So I'll get to working on that.
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