September CoroCoro Leaked – New Pokémon!

Japanese gaming magazine CoroCoro has leaked for what will be the last time before Pokémon Black/White’s official release in Japan and so as to be expected there are new Pokémon galore. So many, in fact, that I’m just going to include the scans here for you to look at and include the new information after the jump. Enjoy!

As a quick note as the Internet has been rife with speculation – the first starter evolutions have been confirmed as real.

Confirmed info from CoroCoro

  • The guy with the eye-stylised armour is called Geechisu, whom you meet in the second town called Garaku Town.
  • N owns a Choroneko (dark-type cat)
  • The monkey trio are confirmed, called Yanapuu (grass), Baoppu (fire) who knows an attack called ‘Flame Burst’ which damages nearby opponents and Hiyappu (water) who interestingly knows a move called ‘Boiling Water’ which is a water type move but can burn.
  • Emonga, the electric flying squirrel, knows an attack called ‘Electric Ball’ which uses the difference between your speed and your opponents speed to inflict damage.
  • Victini knows a move called Flame Sphere which inflicts burn status on every Pokémon on the field, including your own.
  • Basurao the ‘Violent Pokémon’ – Reckless/Adaptability. Water type Pokémon that has two forms depending on which version of the game you catch it in.
  • Yorterrie the ‘Puppy Pokémon’ – Vital Spirit/Pick-Up. Normal type Pokémon based on a Yorkshire Terrier. Knows an attack called ‘Cheer Up’ which raises both Attack and Special Attack.
  • Choroneko the ‘Bad Cat Pokémon’ – Limber/Acrobatic. Dark type cat Pokémon, one of which is owned by N.
  • Desukaan the Coffin Pokémon – Mummy. Ghost type Pokémon. It’s Mummy ability turns the opponent’s ability into Mummy also. Whether this simply nullifies the opponent’s ability or if it does something else also is unknown.
  • Ononokusu the Chin Horn Pokémon – Rivalry/Mould Breaker. Dragon type Pokémon with a new attack called ‘Dragon Tail’. Its effect is currently unknown.
  • Denchura the Electric Spider Pokémon – Compoundeyes/Tension. Bug/Electric type Pokémon whose Tension ability prevents opponents from eating berries.
  • Doryuuzu the Earth’s Core Pokémon – Sand Gun/Sand Power. Ground/Steel type Pokémon. Knows a Ground type attack called ‘Drill Liner’ which has a high critical hit ratio.
  • Buffalon the Headbutt Cow Pokémon – Reckless/Herbivore. Normal type Pokémon with a unique attack called ‘Afro Break’ which works like counter.
  • Dangoro the Mantle Pokémon – Sturdy. Rock type Pokémon that knows the attack ‘Drop Down’ which knocks flying type Pokémon out of the sky for recoil damage.
  • Mebukijika the Season Pokémon – Herbivore/Chlorophyll. Normal/Grass type evolution whose appearance changes with the seasons much like its prevolution.
  • Tabunne the Healing Pokémon – Healing Heart/Regenerate. Normal type Pokémon which knows a move called ‘Heal Wave’ which restores allies’ HP.
  • Monmen the Cotton Ball Pokémon – Mischievous Heart/Pickpocket. Grass type available only in Pokémon Black.
  • Churine the Root Pokémon – Chlorophyll/Own Tempo. Grass type available only in Pokémon White. Knows a move called ‘Clear Smoke’ which removes status effects.
  • Tamagetake the Mushroom Pokémon – Effect Spore. Grass/Poison type with a Pokéball design on its head.
  • Jyanobii – Tsutarja’s evolution – Grass type – Grass Snake Pokémon – 0.8m – 16.0kg – Overgrow /Chaobuu – Pokabu’s evolution – Fire/Fighting type – Fire Pig Pokémon – 1.0m – 55.5kg – Blaze /Futachimaru – Mijumaru’s evolution – Water type – Meditation Pokémon – 0.8m – 24.5kg – Torrent
  • While Pokexperto’s source turned out correct for the starter evolutions we still have not had confirmation that the final evolutions are legit. While the chances are high that they are correct, the information is not confirmed in this issue of CoroCoro.
  • Reshiram’s signature attack is Cross Fire while Zekrom’s is Cross Thunder due to their typing. If these Pokémon hit each other with their signature attacks the attack becomes more powerful.
  • The first gym is run by three leaders which specialise in a different type of Pokémon. Dento (Grass), Poddo (Fire) and Kon (Water). Who you face depends upon the weakness of the starter you picked. They will use their type version of the monkey trio amongst other Pokémon.
  • To access the Pokéshifter mini-game and move Pokémon from Gen IV to Gen V you must tell the phrase ‘Everyone Happy Easy Communication’ to a character in Huin City.
  • Zorua is available in a building in Huin City once you have transferred the Celebi from movie 13.
  • Once you transfer the movie 13 shiny legendary dogs you can capture Zoroark in a place called Lost Forest.
  • In the Dream World played on your PC different Pokémon are available in different areas much like in the games, for example Aerodactyl is available in the sky and Magikarp/Lotad in ponds. There can be captured and transferred to your games.
  • Makomo lends you her Munna so that you can access the Dream World
  • Mini-games are played with stranger Pokémon in Dream World but if you perform well you will be able to capture them and transfer them to Black/White.
  • You can trade items with other characters.

That’s all for now!

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