Article #4: Aipom (UF)

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Article #4: Aipom (UF)

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This was originally written in mid 2006, so combos, ratings, etc. will be outdated.

Name: Aipom

HP: 50

Type: Colorless

Poke-Power: Snappy Move- Once during your turn (before your attack), if Aipom is on your Bench, you may draw a card. Then, discard all cards attached to Aipom and put Aipom on the bottom of your deck. You can't use more than 1 Snappy Move Poke-Power each turn.

[C] Snap Tail- Choose 1 of your opponent's Pokemon. This attack does 10 damage to that Pokemon. (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon.)

Weakness: Fighting

Resistance: None

Retreat Cost: [C]

Card Number: 34/115

Rarity: Uncommon


HP: 50 is average for a Basic, non-evolving Pokemon. With this card, the HP doesn't matter much, since it won't stay on the field for long anyway.

Weakness: Fighting Weakness is pretty standard on most Colorless Pokemon. Again, don't worry about Weakness too much.

Resistance: None. Let's move on.

Retreat: One is average for a Basic Pokemon. I'd just pay the cost.

Snappy Move: Aipom would be a perfect top-decker, since you can Bench it, draw another card, and send it back to your deck, thanks to its awesome Poke-Power. Of course, draw power is very important in this game, and this card helps out by being a reuseable source of extra cards. Also, if your deck is running low on cards, Aipom would be best used as discard bait for other cards like Dark Marowak (TRR) and TV Reporter.

Snap Tail: This attack is pretty good for one Energy. This attack can finish off a Pokemon your opponent sent back to the Bench with 10HP left, and can set up Rend. Personally, I think this card is better used for Snappy Move.


Magcargo (DX)- Magcargo's Smooth Over Poke-Power can search your deck for any card and place it on top of your deck. Afterwards, use Snappy Move, and voila, the perfect card for your current situation!

Any Pokemon that uses Rend- Aipom's not as good with this as other cards that do damage to your opponent's Bench, but it still works. (has anyone noticed a trend lately in my articles?)


Unlimited- There are better sources of draw power in Unlimited, such as Bill and Prof. Oak, but Aipom can give your deck that extra boost when needed. 7/10

Modified- Aipom gets better here. Most of your draw power in this format is in the form of Supporters, which you can only play one of each turn. Even though Aipom's Poke-Power is also limited to one, it gives you an extra card that a Supporter couldn't, plus Aipom is reuseable. 8/10


This Aipom's strength is in it's Poke-Power, not its attack. It can certainly set up a big attacker, though.