Article #8: Fieldworker (LM)

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Article #8: Fieldworker (LM)

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This was originally written in mid-late 2006, so combos, ratings, etc. will be outdated.


Draw 3 cards. Your opponent may also draw a card.



1. You get to draw cards. Any sort of draw power is always good to have.

2. Your opponent's deck may be thinned by 1 card. If your aim is to deck your opponent, this card can help out.


1. It's a Supporter.

2. Your opponent gets to draw a card. Even though its optional, your opponent will more than likely take the free card. Just hope your opponent doesn't get the card they need!


Unlimited: There are much better draw cards in this format, like Bill and Prof. Oak. Also, Supporters are hardly ever used in Unlimited decks. 3/10

Modified: There are better options out there, like TV Reporter and Bill's Maintenance. Even though both also nab you three cards, neither of them let your opponent have a free card. In other words, Fieldworker may not be the best choice out there. 6/10

Limited: There is hardly any draw power in Legend Maker, so Fieldworker would be good to use, even though your opponent gets a card too. 8/10


Even though Fieldworker may look like a good card, your opponent could benefit from the free card by using Fieldworker.