Featured Card Request Thread

Featured Card is an exclusive The Pika Club feature run by Raikou Trainer. Each article takes a card from the Pokémon TCG and is reviewed and rated. Users may reply to existing topics but not create new ones.
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Featured Card Request Thread

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In this thread you can post requests for cards you would like to see reviewed. Note that I may not be able to do every request, so if you suggest a card, please be patient.

Rules for Posting:

*Only request one card per post and make sure you explain why you want me to review that card
*Please wait until I make an article on your suggested card before you post another suggestion
*Don't post if you don't have a request.
*Don't ask me to review the Basic Energy cards (Fire, Fighting, Grass, Water, Psychic, Lightning, Darkness, Metal), since they don't do anything other than provide Energy to attack. Wouldn't make an interesting article, would it?
*Post your requests in the following format:

Card Name
Card Type (Pokemon, Trainer, Supporter, Stadium, Energy)

*Don't request cards that have already been reviewed. Should be pretty obvious, right?

If you have any questions, please PM me.