Did not recieve Karma

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Did not recieve Karma

Post by pyrakitt »

I'm trying to unlock the achievement for having a very high positive karma rating and currently my karma is sitting at 121.

I just handed in 25 Timburr to the Tropius Range and it stated it gave me karma but the number did not increase. I thought maybe I hadn't been keeping track properly, so I handed in 25 Dunsparce after double checking how much karma I had. This quest also stated it gave karma but I saw no increase.
I'm going to wait before I hand in the Solrock as I don't want to miss out on any more potential karma gain.

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Re: Did not recieve Karma

Post by Pikachu3828 »

Good catch, I have now fixed this and I've boosted your karma by 50 to make up for what you lost.

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