Crystal Axe Mining Bug

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Crystal Axe Mining Bug

Post by pokemaster »

I didn't get eggs from these ids:

> mining.php?action=mining&do=collect&id=13773 (quarry)
> mining.php?action=mining&do=collect&id=13778 (pitts)

I had 10 pokemon with Crystal axes mining in various places and these 2 eggs didn't appear (I kept the ids because last time I did it eggs went astray)

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Re: Crystal Axe Mining Bug

Post by pyrakitt »

I've just had this error as well. I had four Pokemon mining, two with crystal pickaxes. Both eggs have disappeared.
Unfortunately I didn't think to grab ids, sorry.

I went through my entire inventory hatching any eggs left in random spots to make sure they weren't somewhere other than my first box. I've searched both by filtering by ID number and by the search bar and they're nowhere to be found.

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