How to use this forum

If you're new or stuck on the Adoption Agency, check out these user submitted guides for help.

Don't forget to help out by submitting a guide if you know something not covered!

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How to use this forum

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The User Submitted Guides forum is a place where users can help each other out by documenting specific features on the Adoption Agency. This forum is not for discussion, it is strictly a place to read and submit guides. As such, when you submit a topic it must first be approved by our FAQ moderators team.

Consider each topic its own guide. The guide should be fully functional and should fit into a single post. For topic authors who want to update their existing guides, please edit your original post and post a new message in your topic stating the new version number as well as the date of submission. Make sure to note down the edits made in this post. You must do this as you will receive a bonus each time you update depending on how much is added/changed.

As a incentive to write guides, for each approved guide we will pay a base rate of Image10,000 on the Adoption Agency plus a bonus depending on how comprehensive and well-written your guide is as decided by the FAQ moderators team. You will also receive a bonus for each update you make to your guide, based on its content.

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