Combatting spam in 2021

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Combatting spam in 2021

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A sad truth is that these forums have recently come under attack by spammers. I have deleted as many posts as I can find and I appreciate all users who sent me reports on this matter. While myself and many others are no longer as active on this forum as in the past, I am still about and I still would like to see the forums preserved in a proper state. It is a shame to see the forums littered with spam and I have no intention of providing free backlinks to these people, so I am taking action.

As a countermeasure to the spam, I am changing the default behaviour to require admin approval before registered users can submit posts. This should effectively cull much or all of the spam. This will be an inconvenience for any genuine members who wish to post, especially since admins are also not as active in order to approve posts quickly. However, it's really simple to get around it if you're not a spammer.

If you are a genuine, active member then all you have to do is PM me and say you're a real member! I will make a special user group for genuine members and remove the post approval restriction so that you can submit posts without needing approval.

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