Minor Bugs

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Minor Bugs

Post by Pikachu90000 »

First of all, on the EV page, it's MACHO BRACE not MACH BRACE.
Legend page:
Celebi is obtainable in Ru/Sa via the Celebi Glitch. Which involves Celebi to to obtainable on Route 123 with a chance of 1 in around 2.5 million.
Also Deoxys has 4 forms now.
Items Page:
I'm pretty sure that they don't sell Max Potions or Full Restores. It says that you can find Max Revives in PokeMarts, false info. Also Fresh water is also found at the Lilycove Dept. Store
The 1st unknown item is MooMoo Milk, it restores 100 HP. Found on wild Miltanks.
The 2nd unknown item is Berry Juice, it restores 30 HP. Found on wild Shuckles.
The Sacred Ash revives all fainted Pokemon.
Also there is outdated links on the page.
I'm pretty sure that you don't win Luxury Balls for winning contests.
Hidden Power Page:
There is an unfinished section.
Mauville Pokemon Centre Guy:
It actually varies by the ID #, I don't remember what gets what but sometimes it can randomly change. Like in my Ruby, I turned it on and was shocked to see that guy had the same items as my Emerald.
Safari Zone:
You can't catch:
Xatu, Natu, Pinsir, Hearcross, Duodo, Dutrio, Phanpy, Psyduck, Golduck, Seaking, Ryhorn, Wobby, anywhere else.
You can't throw stones at Pokemon.
Regi Page:
There is another menu bar near the bottom.
Lati@s Page:
Unlocked is smelled wrong.
Lati@s are not birds... They are Eon Pokemon.
Getting to Southern Island involved getting to Lilycove and the ship will take you there.
Evolve Page:
Wurmple is not evolved on Day/Night. It has a random number that determines if it is a Cascoon or a Silcoon.
I did not win a Luxury Ball for winning Master Rank, so....
Berry Glitch:
You need to add that Emerald also has the same Berry fixing powers as Fr/Lg.
It's Devon on page 10, not Dvon.
FR/LG Info Page:
They are called Sevii Islands.
Starters Page:
Charmander is strong against Brock if you use Metal Claw.
Electric attacks are just not effective against Grass types, not no damage at all.
Emerald Guy:
You should change his name to Scott.
Battle Frontier:
The big staduim is the BAttle Factory
I dunno what the other one is.
Pokegod Page:
Broken Images
Other Pages: ]
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Post by Demonwing »

Already said a few of those, but I don't think he got my message

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