Something interesting on Netflix?

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Something interesting on Netflix?

Post by Pneumonic »

Hi guys!
Do you know of any show that resembles Pokemon and is currently available on Netflix in Europe? The resemblance doesn't have to be super tight as I am the most interested in a show that introduces various kinds of monsters/pets. The thing that brings me the most joy has always been the stunning number of different Pokemons and that is something I am looking for in other shows.

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Re: Something interesting on Netflix?

Post by WhoKnows_WhoCares »

Man, this is not easy simply because your having to limit yourself to one platform. So I had a look over Netflix UK (which hopefully should have a very similar line up to your regional Netflix) and the following look like Pokémon like shows. I cant guarantee its what your looking for, or if they're any good. But from the looks of them they are those kind of "here's a trainer with a creature or set of creatures" kind of shows

Dinosaur King
Yo-Kai Watch
Bakugaan: Battle Planet
Bayblade Burst (there's a sequel series Burst Turbo by the looks of it as well)

Also if your in it solely for the different creatures/monsters that appear, Yu-Gi-Oh might also be an option. Sure its basically just people playing cards instead of training monsters, but its definitely got that "here's a brand new thing you've never heard of" thing about it.
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