Which person in Pokémon do you hate the most???

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Post by damangalover »

i hate that whitney gym leader the most , she must cry an awfull lot if she cries every time she loses

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Post by 426222 »

i hate cassidy and that magikarp salesman

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Post by KingWorm »

Is the magicark salesman the same person who rips James off every time they meet.

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Post by zen »

I hate meowth cause he thinks up the schemes for team rocket and their plans (not to metion their motto) wastes our time.

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Post by Magi of all »

I hate Max. He is the most pointless character in the pokemon anime

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Post by Affendy »

i hate gary oak.....he act cool and like to boast

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Post by cindykitty22 »

I gotta say Max because when he was able to catch the Ralts... he didnt! And hes useless because he tells stuff Ash should know after 10 years. :evil:
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Post by Pikachu90000 »

Ash is not that bright. Max is a nerd. So that means Max knows some things that Ash doesn't know.
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Post by AnnekaLily »

I hate Professor Ivy, mainly for what Happend to Brock.

I didn't watch much of the second season, mainly as I couldn't stand Tracy, Wasn't the brightest bulb in the packet.

I don't blame Brock for the way he is, I mean his own parents act all mishy moushy in front of him. (Accoding to the Chronicles episode, A family That Battles Together: Stays Together) Brock proberly didn't get much of a socail life for himself.

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Re: Which person in Pokémon do you hate the most???

Post by solarmovies »

It was Butch ..

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