End Of The World: (Content Warning)

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End Of The World: (Content Warning)

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Topic Note: This will be a very 'dark', and sometimes torturous ordeal. I, myself, will control the aliens, and to make it fair, I'll let one other literate person do that, as well. They need to know a good bit about God-moding though, as the characters should be able to put up a struggle.

The End Of The World

It has come, and left our six heros all on their own. All are kids, the eldest of them being no more than 15 in age. They wished for a world without parents, and a world where they could reign, but alas they were given it, almost the very next day.

All were survivors by being in the basement of their homes. Most there were blown up, but these 15 were not.

As they started wondering towards a sharp light at the front door of their basement, it pulled them in tightly, and they all disappeared into a large cage. Before them stood aliens, that would test on them quite frequently.

And this is where it starts:

[Note: Pikachu3828, if this will be too drastic or anything, then let me know now and I'll quit it.]


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[b]Looks:[/b] (Must include: Hair color, Eye color, Skin tone(in words. 'white' is not a literal one, and 'black' rarely is[where I'm at xP Probably is a close estimate alsewhere]), Body Build maybe, things Height/Weight/Clothing don't do. XD Any special markings? Tattoos?)
[b]History:[/b] Optional

Name: Crystal
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Personality: As with the teenage stage, her mood rises up and down. Hormones are flooding through her system, so her physical self is still learning to 'handle' that. Overall, she's pretty warm and cheery, though she ca be a bit stand-offish, especially to those she doesn't know and doesn't agree with. She holds high respect for elders, and those that (usually at first meeting/hearing them speak) get her attention to be 'worthy' of the high respect. She holds respect, else wise, for everyone else, as long as they hold it back for her. She's a bit tentative about speaking her mind, but once she starts, she "lets it all out".
Height: 4.7 ft
Weight: 110 lbs
Clothing: Black shirt, faded jeans, undergarments. Shirt has a random white skull on with, with blood-like markings on it.
Looks: She has blue eyes, and jet black hair that's straight, silky to the feel, and comes to her butt. From staying inside almost all of the time, she has a very 'ghostly' complexion, and is one of those that come the closest to the color of 'pure white', and she has a medium built.

Capacity: 1/15
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