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:Darkrai: :Darkrai:
Why did I do it? Why? Well I'll tell you why. HE WAS A CURSE! A CURSE! I found him when I was only 5. Who? Darkrai. I was never around Pokemon much when I was younger. We had a Snivy for a pet, but other than that, I wasn't around Pokemon much. It was a nice sunny Saturday in my hometown of Sunnyshore City. I was walking to my friend's house, and I heard a weak moan. I heard it coming from a bush. I followed it, and I found who used to be a old friend, Darkrai. I approached him, and I asked if he was okay. He replied saying "If you want to, do it. Criticize me, try to catch me, I've already been through enough pain,"
He was badly wounded. I decided to help him as for I had no choice. But, as soon as I walked in my door, I figured that wouldn't be easy. Mother yelled at me. I tried to explain. He was just hurt. And... alone. I decided to go down to the Pokemart the next day, and get a Max Potion. I had that kind of money back then. I went to the spot where I set it down, and healed it. Mother was no longer mad at me. Darkrai showed how kind he really was. Well.. back then. We were the best of friends back then. That changed when I turned 10.
I got a Turtwig, and started a Pokemon journey. I decided to leave Darkrai at home for safety reasons. I got a couple more Pokemon. A Gliscor, Zangoose, Croakunk, Absol, and even a Charmander! I visited my home when I got back in Sunnyshore City. I showed all my Pokemon to my Mom and Darkrai. My Mom was pround of me. But I went to sleep in my bed for the first time in 9 months, Darkrai came in. He looked saddened. Now I feel guilty for leaving him behind.
"You don't love me? I thought we were going to be the best partners ever. What happened?"
"Darkrai, I didn't want to. But you need to understand that I didn't want you getting into the hands of the wrong person,"
"I could fend for myself,"
I reached out to hug him, but he backed away and started crying.
"You never loved me since you got your other "friends","
"Darkrai..." I felt a tear run down my eye. "...I always did and will love you! Please understand!"
"I guess I understand. I'm sorry," I saw a small grin in him. I reached out to hug him. I thought we would be best friends. I was wrong.
It was late at night. For a week, I had nightmares. I woke up to one and saw Darkrai right in front of me.
"DARKRAI! How could you?"
"You abandoned me. Now you shall pay."
It... it was terrible. I heard screams, seeing my Pokemon being killed by Darkrai. I tried saving them. But a barrier blocked me.
"Do you love me now?"
"No, Darkrai I never will. Make me suffer. I don't want my Pokemon to."
I punched Darkrai as hard as possible. I took him to the spot where I first saw him.

Darkrai... I'm sorry. Please forgive me. ):
:Darkrai: :Darkrai:
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