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:Mesprit: :Darkrai: :Dialga: :Manoswine: :Magnezone: Warning: Due to space I had to do something wierd with the title!
¥Ash wins first gym badge
¥Brock joins him

As our Pokémon Trainer Ash, and our new friend Brock, head to the next gym, they are training.
"Pikachu, Thunderbolt!"
"Steelix, Double Edge!"
"Your good Ash!"
"It's just my skill! I am going to be the best Pokémon trainer!"
"I'm going to be the best breeder!"
I'll be the best trainer ever! Brock can NEVER beat ! Ash though.
Ash looked over. Something was wrong with Steelix. Brock was taking care of him. He knew alot about Pokémon care.
"How do you know so much about Pokémon care?" Ash said jealously
"I'm a Pokémon Breeder!"
Suddenly a person stole Pikachu!
"Who are you?" Ash said


Special Contest:
Guess who stole Pikachu! First one to guess correct gets one of my strong Pokémon for one of your weak Pokémon!
If you want to join my Google Group (Pokemon) e-mail my admin e-mail: pokemon-trainers-club@googlegroups.com or go to http://groups.google.com/group/pokemon- ... club?hl=en and yes, I am put down under Ash Ketchum.

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