Rate my team please

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Rate my team please

Post by cheerio495 »

Smogon.com helped me out with some of these movesets.

Lucario@choice specs/life orb
nature: timid or modest
ability: Steadfast
evs: max spatk and spd
move1: dark pulse
move2: Aura Sphere
move3: dragon pulse
move4: shadow ball/vacuum wave/Hiddon Power if good one

Well this is my special sweeper but I'm still unsure of the last two attacks. I think life orb will be a better item but extra speed or special attack may not be that bad.

Electivire@Expert Belt
nature: adament
ability: Electivire only has one ability.
evs: max atk and spd
move 1: Brick Break/Cross Chop
move 2: Earthquake
move 3: Ice Punch
move 4: Thunder Punch

Mainly basic moveset but instead of cross chop I have Brick Break because of better accuarcy and for the occtional reflect/light screen that I may encounter. Since Itachi 2007 suggested cross chop (since it's better) I'll try to get one with cross chop.

nature: careful
ability: only has one ability
evs: working on
move 1: Thunder Punch
move 2: Fire Punch
move 3: Will-O-Wisp
move 4: Pain Split

I saw this on smogon and thought it was a good moveset so I'm using it.

Infernape@focus sash/life orb
naive nature
ability: has only one
evs: evs from smogon
move 1: nasty plot
move 2: grass knot
move 3: close combat
move 4: flamethrower

This one is from smogon again. I changed the evs around though. I'm not sure though about life orb but I decide to leave it blank so I'm open for suggetions. Thanks.

calm nature
ability: not natural cure but the other one
evs: 252 hp/spdfe 6 spatk
move 1: Ice Beam
move 2: Seismic toss/Water pulse
move 3: Softboiled
move 4: Thunder Wave/Sing

Know all the Blisseys on Smogon had Blissey with a bold nature and evs in dfe but I have a question about that. What's the point when Blisseys dfe is so darn low? Blisseys max dfe is 130. Either way Blisseys going to faint with one physical atk some why not then try for max spdfe and make it the perfect special wall.

impish nature
ability: only has one
evs: 252 hp/dfe, 6 atk
move 1: gyro ball
move 2: stealth rocks
move 3: rapid spin
move 4: explosion

Tell me if I'm wrong but I believe this a basic Forretress. Gyro Ball for Weaviles, and rapid spin for spikes and such.

Please tell me what you think, all advice will be appreciated. Thanks for the help in advanced.

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Post by arceus rocks1997 »

I think it's a pretty good team.
I think your infernape should lose nasty plot, grass knot and give it direct attacks
I think the rest is pretty good

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Re: Rate my team please

Post by stitches12321 »

the team is good enough to pick up wins against other people

I'm back after leaving for many months (last time I logged on was January, last time I posted was a while before that) and I wonder if any of you guys still remember me!
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