The UTC Wifi Event

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The UTC Wifi Event

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The Ultimate Trade Center Is Now Open On Wifi

How To Activate

The UTC Can Not Be Activated Via Mystery Gift How Ever It Is Activated Through The Wifi Club
On B1F Of Pokemon Center Go Down Stairs

But First You Need To Do The Following

Step 1
Exchange Freind Codes With Me So I Can Activate The Event For You

Step 2
Log On To The Wifi Club Often To See If The UTC Owner Is There
You Can Check This By Seeing If The Trainers Name is Chris
Voicechat Is Turned Off

Step 3
Bring Any Pokemon You Want To Trade

Step 4
Trade The Pokemon For The Extremly rare Pokemon Egg

The UTC Offers Many Good Pokemon
Such As Mystery Gift Nintendo Event Pokemon

Todays Special Pokemon
Jirachi (Wish Egg)
Darkrai (Nightmare Egg)
Arceus (Creation Egg)

The Eggs Will have Those Exact Names
And Take A Little While To Hatch

So Good Luck