LordLucario's Jourmal (Pearl Version)

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LordLucario's Jourmal (Pearl Version)

Post by LordLucario123 »

Ok so this is my journal blah, blah, blah.
I'll update this journal Daily after I do stuff.

[align=center]May 23, 2007[/align]

Heheheh... I've been playing this game for a while already.

That's right. I'm already at the Elite Four. Thing is, my pokemon suck compare to them. -_- Oh, yeah. I'll just show my team right here:

Alakazam Lv. 47
Palkia Lv. 61
Empoleon Lv. 54
Luxray Lv. 47
Staraptor Lv. 47
Weavile Lv. 47

May 29, 2007

:O! I forgot to edit this daily. :( Anyways, awesome stuff happened on this day. I beat the Poke League! Too bad I forgot what pokemon I beat it with. XD I also caught two legendaries! Giratina and Rotom! And somewhat, they were VERY easy to catch. But before that, I got my national dex. Then I was done playing. NOTE: I wrote this on June 3 2007. Not May 29. I appearently forgot about my journal.