Fazzeh wants to battlez!

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Fazzeh wants to battlez!

Post by Fazzy »

Think you're good at battling? Then give me a shot. Heheheh.

Info listed below:

Name: Fazzy

FC: 3136 4843 4588

PM me when you see me on.

I use no ubers, no legendaries, Lv. 100 pokes.
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Parasol Kirby
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Post by Parasol Kirby »

No legends? What's up with that? Ah well, I accept, it'll just take a little bit for me to get my team ready.

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Post by cheerio495 »

I'll battle you but my team is in the making. I am almost done so I'll pm you or post here again when we can battle.

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Post by Ho-Oh »

I would but I don't have wi-fi atm :S
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