Exp Bars

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Exp Bars

Post by pyrakitt »

There are several spots on the site where the Exp Bars are acting up.

Exp bar grows based on Nickname which appears to have no limit on characters. See my current party for example: the Linoone gotten from Kris as part of the Pokemon Union quests has a very long nickname and the exp bar lengthens to fit the name. This could really mess up the formatting as there doesn't seem to be much of a limit character wise to nicknames.

Exp Bar on individual Pokemon's View Stats page does not show exp and takes up almost whole length of page.

Exp bar for Ranch and Mining also not showing current exp, any aquired exp and is too long for page.

(slightly related: Is the Pokedoll collection going to get an Exp bar of it's own? It seems odd that it's the only part of the site that doesn't have one.)

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Re: Exp Bars

Post by Pikachu3828 »

Thanks for bringing all these points up, I've now given the exp bar a fixed width and fixed all the locations you mentioned. Pokedolls has also been given its own exp bar :)

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