Pokemon Global Link

The Pokemon Global Link is a way to play Pokemon away from your DS and on your PC.

In order to use the Global Link, first you’ll need a Pokemon Trainer Club ID… head to Pokemon.com to register for one if you dont have one yet. You can access the Global Link page easily from the Pokemon.com homepage, so once you head there, log in using your new Trainer Club ID. It’ll then ask you to chose a display name and input your Game Sync ID. You can enter your Game Sync ID at a latter time if you cant do it now, by going to your profile and clicking ‘add game sync ID registration’.

To get your Game Sync ID, on your copy of Black or White, press the online button on your C-Gear and press Game Sync, it will then connect you to the Wi-Fi. Once done, it will issue you your Game Sync ID, which you can check at any time by going to Game Sync Settings from the main menu of the game. Once entered into the site, its a good idea to check your profile, make sure your Trainer Name, Time Played and Number of Badges match your game.

Now that you’ve obtained/registered your Game Sync ID, the game will ask you to select a pokemon from your box to upload, or put to sleep as they put it. Once Tucked in, your pokemon will start to dream and be uploaded to the Dream World (this may take some time to do the first time you do it.) You can now go back to your game as normal

What you can do on the Global Link

There are several things you can do on the Global Link, although it may not seem like it on first glance.

Promotions are where you’ll be able to download any special items that may be available. This button is found on the main page on the right hand side

EZ Mail is a mailing system that allows you to send messages between friend registered to your pal pad or you’ve met in the Dream World. You can access this from the main page on the right hand side or from your friends list in your profile

Customise allows you to obtain extra skins for the C-gear, Pokedex and Pokemon Musical. Going into this shows all the options currently available, and you just select which one(s) you want to apply to your game and click customise – the next time you Game Sync your game, it will update those options with which ever skins you chose. More Skins will become available as time goes on.

The Global Battle Union allows you to check your stats as a battler against everyone else. You can see battles in progress (and by that i mean you can see some of the users in a battle at that moment, and who wins once its all over). You can check who’s the best battlers in the rankings table, While battle tournaments and competitions will show up in the aptly named competition info

Finally, the main reason for the Global Link – the Dream World. Once you’ve uploaded a pokemon to the site, you’ll be able to search around here. In it, you’ll be able to catch pokemon and obtain items which you can send to your game. You can only play the Dream World for 1 hour a day, so dont expect to be adicted to your PC by playing this. An introduction conversation with Fennel will explain most things about the Dream World.

You start off on a small island known as ‘home’ – there are 4 areas here for you to explore. your house has your tresure chest, which holds all your items and where you select all the items you want to send back to your game, while your friend board will show all the Pokemon you’ve made friends with in the Dream World. You can customise the house and the contents in it by trading berries

Speaking of berries, The Garden Area will allow you to grow up to 6 berries at any time, and its the only way to grow berries for the Black and White games.

The Share Shelf allows you to put items on it, which when your friends visit, they can trade thier items for yours. Be sure to put something here for your friends to trade you. Note, if you want to have Friends vist your house and your share shelf, you’ll need to change your privacy settings in your profile, as by default they are set to Nobody, meaning no-one can come calling

The last area on your home island is a rainbow bridge heading to the Island of Dreams. You can explore this area and work your way through it, finding Hidden Pokemon and Items. The Island of Dreams has a special property though, after you’ve been through 10 different sections, no matter what path or direction you take, you will end up at the Tree of Dreams.

While searching through the Island of Dreams, you will occasionally see a bush or a tree shake. If click on that shaking area, a hidden pokemon will come out. In order to befriend this new pokemon, you’ll need to play a game with it. Upon succesfull completion the new pokemon will be added to your befriended list. Occasionally you’ll find a pokemon just standing around an area, not hidden in a bush. Finding an area which sparkles will give you an item.

Once you reach the Tree of Dreams, you can exchange 1 berry for one of the pokemon you befriended on your journey. This pokemon gets posted on your Friend board in your house and will be sent to your game when you next sync up.

Ok, so you’ve now been through the dream world, but how do you get your new items and new pokemon back to your game? Well first thing you need to do is wake up, and you can do that by pressing the power button in the top right of the screen, and clicking on the wake up option on the window that pops up. It will review all the items and pokemon you will be sending back to your game. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to Game Sync your DS game once more and all those data will be sent back to the game…

But where do you find these items and pokemon… The Entralink.

In order to access the Entralink, you’ll need to press the Wireless button on your C-gear, then press Entralink, you’ll need to be outside a building in order to warp to the Entralink, and there are certain areas around unova which you will be unable to access this area. At the top of this area is an entrance to a forest. The the left of the entrance, talking to the boy will give you all the items you’ve sent back to your game from the dream world. To find your pokemon, head into the forest. Inside the forest you’ll find the pokemon you’ve sent back walking around. Talking to it will allow you to catch it for it to join you. If you dont want to (or cant) try to catch it yet, you can store it in Deepest Clearing, where the pokemon will stay until you collect it. Deepest Cleering is found in the section beyond the first forest area. When catching it, you can only throw a pokeball or run, nothing else.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the Pokemon Global Link