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Own a website or little space of the Internet of your own? Like The Pika Club? Then why not help us out and link to us! Choose from a selection of buttons below:

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The Pika Club Button

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Affiliate With Us

Do you wish to affiliate your website with The Pika Club? If you are interested in affiliation please send a PM to Pikachu3828 on the forums. You can use this link: Click here to send a PM!

We ask that you meet a few simple requirements before you send off an affiliate request:

  • You be a registered member of The Pika Club forums (This is required to send the PM. We use this method to limit spam and ensure all requests are received. In the past when email was used many honest affiliates requests were automatically marked as spam and discarded).
  • You display one of our buttons and a link to us on your website in plain view (For example not stuffing it at the very bottom of a long page).
  • Your website ideally be Pokemon related but at the very least be Nintendo related.
  • This is judged more on a case-by-case basis, but we favour ‘cleaner’, more professional looking websites. For example, a website made with Maxpages or Geocities (do people still use them?) and littered with ads is unlikely to be approved, although that does not mean all such applicants will be denied if they are well made.