New Pokemon Game Announced

And No, it’s NOT about Heart Gold/Soul Silver.

This is one that passed by E3, possibly due to the fact that at the moment, its only planned in Japan. The official Japanese Pokemon site has revealed that Pokemon is coming back to WiiWare on June 16 with Melee! Pokemon Scramble, a beat em up featuring a variaty of Pokemon. Modes include a Battle Royal where all Pokemon fight in an arena and a Story Mode, described as levels that end in a Giant Pokemon Boss Battle. multiplayer features a 2 player Co-Op and up to 4 player Staidum mode. You’ll also be able to take screen shots and send them to friends via the Wii’s message board

Players will be able to fully control thier Pokemon around the arenas and chose what attacks to use and when, its said that each Pokemon will have 2 special moves. More Pokemon to play as will be unlocked as you play through the story mode, as well as password being given out for more rarer Pokemon. The whole game will set Japanese Wii owners 1500 points