Videojug Video Project

A quick little history on this. Back in June 2010, the website, a knowledge based Youtube like site for self help videos, asked The Pika Club to become its Pokémon Experts and take part filming a set of videos based on various topics they provided. All the staff agreed this was a great idea and we all decided we’d take part to film these videos… then all of them had to pull out at the last minute due to various reasons… all except one. So our Site Admin and 2nd in command, WhoKnows_WhoCares was left to film all the videos by himself… well he did have a professional behind the camera, and a team editing the end result… oh and an expert technical team that uploaded the videos to the web – but otherwise he was on his own!

All the topic titles for the videos were provided by Videojug, all the script was written by my (and by written I mean I sort of made it up as I went along), all props were supplied by me (yes, that is my personal DS and my personal copy of Heart Gold). Also to note was that these videos were made before the majority of the new Pokémon from Black and White were known. Also – yes, that is my real name, that is my real voice and that really is me… as much as I wanted to stay anonymous on this site. Oh well, ‘que sera sera’

Warning: These videos were filmed, edited, uploaded and hosted by an external site that is funded by advertisements. As such, it is most likely that these videos start with an advert – we cannot change this and hope it does not detract from your viewing pleasure.

For a full list of the videos available, click here.

How to start a Pokémon Game

Nintendo DS:
How To Start A Pokemon Game

Probably the ultimate in beginers guides – if you’ve never played a Pokémon game and want to know how to start one right from the begining – here’s how

How to Play Pokémon Games Online

Nintendo DS:
How To Play Pokemon Games Online

One of a few really helpful videos – not sure how to play online – check this video out for how to do it (NOTE: information pertains to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver – Black and White, while working similar, you will need to go upstairs to get the same services, not down)

How to use the Pokéwalker

Nintendo DS:
How To Use The Pokewalker

Got HeartGold or SoulSilver – here’s everything you may want to know about how to use the Pokéwalker you get free with the game!

How to Win at Pokémon Cards

Toys & Games:
How To Win At Pokemon Cards

Want to know how you win a game when playing the Pokémon Trading Card Game – here’s a video that explains all 3 ways to win, or lose, a match

How to Make A Lego Pokémon

Nintendo DS:
How To Make A Lego Pokemon

Want to waste some time and have a load of Lego – hopefully there’s a couple of tips in here on using Lego to build Pokémon… alternitavly you could waste the time just wacthing the video and laughing at my effots to make a Pokémon out of Lego… can you ‘Name That Pokémon?’

How To Understand Pokémon Characters

Nintendo DS:
How To Understand Pokemon Characters

Boy did I have trouble working out what the title of this video ment when I first saw it… thankfully I could say anything I wanted since I wrote the scripts, so in this video I explain how to Identify Pokémon quickly. With a new Generation of Pokémon on us, we all will soon be encountering Pokémon we dont know much about… and there’s a lot of new Pokémon in Black and White – how do you remember what types each one is – well if your like me, your memory isnt good enough to remember all that info – so these are some of the tips and tricks I use to help me ID the types of new Pokémon

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