The Pika Club PHPokédex

Sorting methods


Welcome to The Pika Club's PHPokédex!

The Pika Club is throwing its hat into the ring with its very own Pokédex, named the PHPokédex. This has been (and still is) a work in progress that has been literally years in the making. Some data is missing, such as locations and shapes while some Pokémon alternate formes do not yet display correctly. It is by no means complete but it does include comprehensive evolution, level up and miscellaneous data updated for Black/White for all 649 Pokémon so it should still provide a valuable tool for Pokémon fans.

There are still many features that I would like to add to this Pokédex but I can give no estimate as to when they will be implemented. This is but a small sample:

  • Location data
  • Compare Pokémon
  • More sort methods
  • Search method
  • Pokémon cries
  • Past generation Pokédex data
  • Data from other Pokémon game series (PMD, Ranger etc)

For now feel free to browse around and report any errors here.