Important – server migration

EDIT – If you are reading this, then you are seeing us on our new server. Everything looks like its gone across smothly and it doesnt look like we’ve lost a lot of data. Thanks for your assistance in this, news round up will come along shortly

Yes, we know we’ve missed news. We’ve been busy and as soon as we’ve finished this project, we’ll catch up. For now, please read the following

A note to all users, we will soon be moving servers in order to (hopefully) run smother and better. while this occurs, anything data changed to this server may NOT transfer across to the new one. It is recommended that you limit your interaction to the AA and TPC as a whole until this message is replaced and/or there is a message on the forums. We also recommend you remove all pokemon from the ranch and all pokemon from the breeding centre. Also try to make sure all eggs are hatched. This is only as a precautionary measure.

We hope for this to be solved as soon as possible. We also hope for minimum problems.

We appreciate your help and assistance during this proccess