More CoroCoro Info

Several new scans have been released from this month’s CoroCoro magazine revealing a wealth of new features for Black and White. First of all, we’ll cover something we missed in the last batch of scanns. In the first 2 pictures after the jump in our last article, one showed the Black City while the second showed the White Forest. These two areas are version exclusive, although we don’t know which area will appear in which version. They should, however, appear in the same place.

An amendment has been made to 2 Pokémon names. the error occurred due to the placement of the name in one of the scans, but it turns out that Rankurusu is the Green Cell like Pokémon, not the Black Purple Humanoid one, which is Gochiruzeru, we (and everyone else in the Pokémon fan community) apologise for any confusion from this.

Right, onto the next bacth of scans. First of all we have a new move announced, Magic Room. This can be learnt by Rankurusu (the green one, remember), and basically negates all effect by held items (both yours and your opponents).

We know a bit more about 3 on 3 battles. Apparently, placement will play a big part in these battles, making them even more strategic. It looks like who ever is in the front of your party will be in the middle of the battle, and that damage from attacks can be different depending on where the Pokémon is positioned in a battle. You should be able to change the positions of the Pokémon around during a battle (but that’s not confirmed yet)

There’s a big building in the middle of the Isshu region where something called ‘High Link’ will be available. This option seems more like something from the Mystery Dungeon games, allowing you to take missions to help out other players, although exactly how this works is unknown.

Want to know what the DSi exclusive feature is? Well this month’s CoroCoro reveals that an item called a TV Transceiver will allow you to use a function called ‘Live Caster’ – this will use the DSi (and 3DS) camera to do video chat with other users. Over Wi-Fi you’ll only be able to do 2 player, but over local wireless you’ll be able to do up to 4 people in a video chat.

Interestingly, it looks like there will be a 3DS exclusive feature as well, using the 3DS’s internal version of the Tag Mode communication method. Dubbed ‘Passing By’ in Black and White, it will allow you to help other people as you pass by them once you advance on your journey. Exactly how is unknown, and its not 100% confirmed this is using the 3DS version of tag mode (meaning you don’t need the game in the console) or if its the standard version requiring the game to be put into sleep mode which is used in various DS games currently (such as Nintendogs, where it was first introduced).

That’s all we have now, check out the latest batch of CoroCoro scans after the jump (they’re not much to look at unless you read Japanese)