More English Pokémon Names

The official microsite for Pokémon Black and White announced 2 more English names yesterday… although dont get too excited unless you learnt and liked the Japanese versions. The first Pokémon that was announced for generation 5 and star of Movie 13, along with its pre-evolution are keeping thier Japanese names…

for those that dont know about them, plus some details of minor translation changes made to thier info, read on:

Zorua, a dark type pokemon. Its classification is now the Tricky Fox Pokémon (formally the Evil Fox Pokemon).

Zoroark, also a Dark Type, is now the Illusion Fox Pokémon (changed from Monster Fox Pokemon) – Both have the Illusion Abillity (which keeps its name), that allows them to look like the Pokémon you have in last in your party (that’s still alive). The effect lasts until the opponent manages to damage you. Your type and stats do not change.

We also know about 2 move names as well. Zorua has a move called Trickery in Japan but is now called Foul Play, that damage done is based on your opponent’s attack stat, not yours. Zoroark is being advertised along side the move that was known as Claw Sharpen but is now Hone Claws, which boosts Attack & Accuracy

That’s all we have for now, we’ll be bringing you more when we learn it

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