New CoroCoro Scans and New Info

To not get lost under the latest news posts, I’m posting all this new info in a new post instead of editing the old post. If you missed it and need to read all the original stuff posted from this months CoroCoro Magaizine, head to This Post.

First up, we’ve got a picture of the pokemon from the Pokemon Demo Bus tour we mentioned last time, Basurao.

I know its a bit blurry and a bit unclear – hopefully we’ll get an official revealing soon with a better picture. There has also been a couple of whispers of other pokemon revealed at the Demo tour, but the legitimacy of these rumours is in doubt, so we’ll hold off on those until we get a bit more truth on the matter

More news from CoroCoro, we’ve got the full scans of CoroCoro magazine after the jump, for now, we’ll just cover the additional info we didnt cover in our previous post.

Victini. Victini’s new attack, Complete Burn (or Incinerate as some sources are now translating it as) will have 15pp and will Burn the berries being held by your opponents, making them unusuable to them. You’ll find it in the Basement of the Liberty Garden Lighthouse on Liberty Garden Island. If you accendtly KO it, it will re-appear in the same place. Acording to CoroCoro, Victini’s dex entry says “It makes limitless energy inside its body. It releases this energy on any Pokemon who touches it.”

It’s mentioned in Gigaiasu’s reveal that the Sturdy ability has changed a little. Previously it would prevent you from being One Hit-KO’d by moves designed to do just that, such as Fissure, Guillotine or Horn Drill to name a few. However you could still One Hit KO the pokemon if you used a move that had type advantage, and you were high enough stats or levels. Sturdy now prevents that from happening, meaing any move that would Knock you out in One Hit will leave you with 1 hit point, kind of like having the Focus Sash item attached or using Endure.

Season’s play a bigger part of the games than previously reported. We mentioned that Shikijika would change its apearance depending on the season, and that the world around you will change every month as the season changes, but we now know that its more than just an asthetical change. Certain areas will only be accessable during certain seasons, for example during winter, the snow will pile up by the side of a cliff, allowing you to walk up it and get to the top. It’s also been revealed that the seasons can also affect what Pokemon show up in an area, an extention on the night and day changes introduced in previous games.

There will be Dual Wild Pokemon Battles in Black and White, they can be found in areas of dark green grass instead of how they occured in Diamond and Pearl where you only encountered them with another trainer

An amendment to the previous news story, the starting town is Kanokota Town, not Kanoko Town as previously reported.

Here’s some big news, TM’s will no longer disapear after you use them to teach a Pokemon the move. In previous games, a TM was only usuable once unlike the HM’s which could be used over and over again. Now TM’s will be usuable multiple times like HMs. It is unknown if HM’s will still exist in Black and White or if they will now all be TM’s.

There will be 8 Gyms and an Elite 4 in the new games. In detailing the first 2 Gym Leaders, CoroCoro mentions you will be collecting 8 Gym badges over the game. In mentioning the Pokeshifter, the pal-park like option to trade your pokemon from the 4th Gen games to the 5th Gen, it says that this option is only available after you beat the Elite 4, confirming they are in the game. In talking about the Gyms, it seems like Both 1st and 2nd Gym require you to answer questions before facing leader

Pokemon Musicals, the new Contest mode, will be held in the Musical Hall (we dont know where this is located yet). A Good Case will hold all the costumes and accessories used for the Musicals, and as seen in a recent trailer, these are worn/held by pokemon a lot more accuratly that the accessories in D/P contests. At the end of Musicals, you can recive gifts from the audiance who liked your performance.

Makomo, the friend of the Professor and the person who gives you the C-Gear, lives in Sanyou City, location of the first Gym.

By taking part in High Link missions, you can gain bonus’s via Duru Power. These bonuses can include getting double EXP for pokemon, or 50% discount of items at Pokemarts. Interestingly, the C-gear can pass the effect onto other players near by as well, so if you’ve got the double EXP bonus, your C-gear can pass it onto a friend or sybling near by and they can have Double EXP as well

In HeartGold and SoulSilver, the Pokewalker let you catch Pokemon that had moves the Pokemon would not ordinarilly know. The Dream World will be taking this idea one step further, offering Pokemon with Abilities they would not normally get. An example was given of a Vaporean who gets the Hydration abilty.

There will be no Berries grown naturally in Isshu, the only way to get them will either be via Pokeshifter attached to your pokemon coming across from D/P/Pt/HG/SS or via the High Link as rewards. Interestingly you can trade the Berries and Items you get through the High Link by leaving them on some Wooden Shelves for other people to pick up.

To offer more Personalisation and Customisation, the C-Gear will offer the ability to download more Pokedex Covers, C-Gear Covers and Music for the Pokemon Musicals using the Global Link feature.

Remeber we talked about the different Box arts for the games revealed on one of the pages, well it turns out that one’s the Game Case’s art while the other is the art on the box the game case will be inside. Seems a waste of packaging to me – but hey, 2 box arts for the price of one, i’m not complaining.

The only other thing CoroCoro mentioned was showing the 2 new Characters for the new Anime Series, Best Wishes – which will Follow Ash’s journey after Sinnoh as he heads to the Johto region. Iris, the girl, and her Kibago will obviously be replacing Dawn in the series. But bad news Brock fans (looking at you here Anne), looks like our favourite Pokemon Breeder is heading home for good and is being replaced by Dento, the first Gym Leader of Isshu. He’s also supose to be knowledgable on Pokemon, and as a First Gym Leader of the region, is very similar to Brock when he was first introduced.

And that’s all the information we’ve been able to get from CoroCoro Magazine this month – check after the Jump for ALL the scans and we’ll bring you more news when we learn it.

Here’s your CoroCoro Scan’s for this month, click the Images for a bigger Picture: