New Pokémon and CoroCoro leaks

First of note that this news post will most likely be edited as more news is released, so keep coming back over the next day or so for more information. We’ll list any edit’s we make right here first, with the new information being placed towards the bottom of the article. EDIT: 8th Aug New pages with new pokemon details now found at the bottom of the article

First up, a couple of New Pokemon have apeared thanks to eagle eye’d Japanese fans attending the Pokemon Black and White Promo Bus Tour.

First up, Emonga. This is the Flying Squirrel Pokémon, and is an Electric/Flying Type. It stands 0.4m tall and weighs 5.0kg. It will have the Static Ability.

Previously revealed in Owa Suta trailers, this is Gigaiasu, the High Pressure Pokémon and is a Rock Type. It will be 1.7m tall and weigh 270.0kg. It will have the Sturdy Ability.

The Pokémon on the left is Darumakka, it is a Fire-type and is apparently the pre-evolution of Hihidaruma (something I’ve always said was an evolved Pokémon). The Pokémon on the right is currently unknown

There is apparently a Pokémon called Basurao, although we have no Pictures or info for this pokemon other than it will know Aqua Jet and Uproar.

CoroCoro magazine is slowly being revealed. There was a large scan with several Pokémon, however this is looking like it’s a fake (and if true, its a very good fake) – we’ll put it up here if it turns out to be genuine.

For the moment we do have a couple of pieces of info.

Shikinjika, a deer Pokémon previously revealed in various places, will change its apearance depending on the season in the Game. Black and White feature a new feature where every Calender month (using the DS time/date) will be a new Season(meaning it will cycle spring-summer-autumn-winter 3 times during a real world year). During Spring, Shikinjika will be Pink, which is how its been shown in the official artwork we’ve seen previously. During Summer, it will change to Green. It will be Orange in Autumn and it will be Brown druing winter. Shikinjika will be a Normal/Grass type and apperently has the Chlorophyll ability. In addition to Shikinjika, the terrain of Isshu will also change based on the seasons (expect snow in winter, leaves fallin of the trees in Autumn, etc).

This is Aloe. She’s been spoted in one or two of the trailer videos for Black and White. She’s a Gym leader from a city called Shippou City, which we dont quite know where its located in Isshu yet. We also do not know what type of Pokémon she specialises in, or what her Gym looks like…

Edit: 8 Aug First up, some news from Pokemon Sunday last night – they aired another trailer promoting Victini – however this did reveal some facts about the event you will do once you have the Liberty Ticket. Downloading the ticket will allow you to access a house at the Liberty Garden Tower, where you’ll battle (and capture) Victini. It will know the moves Quick Attack, Endure, and Confusion along with the previously revealed new move Complete Burn. Its ability Victory Star raises the Accuracy of its attacks and will also raise the Accuracy of its team-mates attacks when used in a double or tripple battle.

They also revealed sillouetes of Pokémon they promised to reveal next week, but we dont want to wait that long – so we’ll use CoroCoro Magazine to give us some brand new Pokémon Info now.

None of the Pokémon revealed are brand new, we’ve seen them before leaked in other media, but we now have names and some stats for all of these pokemon now

First, this is Moguryuu, the Mole Pokemon. It’s a Ground type, is 0.3m tall and weighs 8.5kg. It has the abilities Sand Throw or Sand Power, the latter of which will increase the power of attacks during sandstorms.

This is Kurumiru, the Sewing Pokemon. It’s a Bug/Grass type (which I suggested it may be). It will be 0.3m tall and 2.5kg in weight. It’s abilities will be Swarm or Chlorophyll. It has a new attack called Bug Resistance which is said to hit two Pokemon at once (and is most likely a bug type move, given the name).

Last of our big pictures, this is Mamambou, the Nursing Pokemon. It’s a Water type, stands 1.2m and weighs 31.6kg. It will have the abilities Hydration or a new one called Healing Heart, which cures teammates of status conditions.

This large page deals with every revealed pokemon currently and shows a couple more details for Pokemon we’ve seen but hardly knew about.

Remeber tha Swan looking pokemon, well that’s Swana is the Swan Pokemon. It is Water/Flying type, will be 1.3m tall and weigh 24.2kg. It will have the Keen Eye or Pigeon Heart abilities. It will have a new attack called Windstorm which changes in accuracy depending on the weather

Miruhoggu is the evolution of Minezumi and is the Precaution Pokemon. It’s a Normal type, 1.1m in height and 27.0kg in weight. it has the abilities Illuminate or Keen Eye. A possible Pokedex entry, Miruhoggu is said “It lights up the pattern on its body to threaten its opponents.”

Lastly, some more info on Shikijika. It is the Season Pokemon, a Normal/Grass type standing 0.6m and weighing 19.5kg. Its abilities will be either Chlorophyll or a new one called Herbivore, which sounds like it is a Grass version of Flash Fire, raising attack when hit by Grass-type attacks.

Other details coming out of CoroCoro magazine states that your hometown will be Kanoko Town. You’ll meet Team Plazma (probably for the first time) in Karakusa Town. The first gym is in Sanyo City and has Dento as its leader while Anole will lead the second Gym in Shippou City.

Yet another new variation on the 3v3 battle has been mentioned, the Rotation Battle is a 3v3 match where you can only chose 1 of your pokemon to attack each turn, meaning not only do you have to attack, but you have to guess how your opponent will attack as well.

The Miracle Shooter is a Wirless Battle option that will allow you to use items in the matches. As you fight, you’ll earn points and when you’ve got enough points you can chose to spend them on an item to help you out in the match.

The Battle Subway is Black and White’s version of the Battle Tower having you face off against 7 trainers. Beat them all to gain Battle Points which you can exchange for various prizes.

Lastly, take a look at this page:

As you can see, there are a vartiation on the standard box art feturing a fringe of the oposite colour on the right side as well as having the tail of the legendary beast light up. Why there is a variation on the box art is currently unknown.

That’s all we have for now, we’ll Edit this article when we get some more info from CoroCoro Magazine.