New Pokémon + Team Plasma Revealed

This week’s Oha Suta has revealed some new Pokémon along with confirming that Pokémon Black/White will follow the standard formula of having an evil organisation – this time called Team Plasma.

Shikijika (シキジカ)

Two Miruhoggu (ミルホッグ), the evolution of Minezumi

Unknown Swan Pokémon, circled

Team Plasma, looking somewhat like mediaeval knights

Shikijika, the small deer Pokémon, may be a pre-evolution for Stantler. They are both deer Pokémon and Stantler’s Japanese name is Odoshishi, lending some similarity. This is all speculation however and has yet to be confirmed – what is confirmed is that Minezumi now has an evolution.

A short video, which you can view here, shows off the differences between Black City and White Forest as well as a look at what’s called the Pokéshifter, what appears to be a touch screen mini-game where you have to ‘catch’ Pokémon by drawing on a bow and arrow on the touch screen as they hop from bush to bush. This is shown to be used in the same manner as Pal Park and has confirmed that you can transfer Pokémon from Generation IV to Generation V.

Black City and White Forest. Also shows off the new larger Pokémon Centre design.

The Pokéshifter building and a screenshot of the minigame.

There is also a 6 minute Pokémon Black/White Promotional Video which shows off just how impressive the games look. The games are using a lot more 3D effects than any past handheld Pokémon game and it seems the development team have found a fondness for large sweeping environments, from huge bridges to trains spanning land masses. It’s worth a look because it reveals a lot of new information about the game. We’ve screencapped pieces we feel important below but it’s recommended you watch the video too to see it all in action.

The Isshu region. It's unknown if this is the entire region or if there is more.

Although difficult to make out as a still, trains are shown passing below the player. Later a shot shows the player boarding a train.

CGear, showing the connectivity the games will utilise between local wireless and Nintendo WiFi. Later the video suggests IR can now be used for linking games.

A close up shot showing character sprites are taller than before.

Dressing up your Pokémon. Curiously shows a signal strength box in the corner.

Your dressed up Pokémon take place in musicals which have apparently replaced contests.

For some reason you can get shot out of a cannon.

Particle effects - not just for intros anymore!

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