New Section: Videos – Launching with a Special Video Project

Well I promised you (and Pikachu3828) I’d be presenting something special on the site today… I still think that sounds more impressive than it actually is… but anyway, moving on

Back in June 2010, a self help knowledge video webiste called asked for The Pika Club’s assistance in making some Pokémon related videos. These videos, all of which are presented by me WhoKnows_WhoCares (using my real name, which is something I didnt want being used around here), cover a wide veraity of topics related to Pokémon.

Ok, honestly, most of you will know more that what the videos cover – and that’s fine, these videos are more for the people who’ve never played Pokémon ever – then again, there may be something there you can learn about the Trading Card Game, or learn something fun to do in your spare time… at the very least you can laugh at me, looking like an idiot and with a drawing ability that’s got to be seen to believed. Also, let me just start of by saying that any information that’s wrong in the videos, I appologise now for getting wrong, I was nervous with no real script to read. Any missing information is probably due to editing rather than my memory (I did notice a few important things I did say when recording have been chopped for time…)

To Promote this new addition to the webiste (celebrate really isnt the word I’d use for this) – we’ve launched a new section to the site ‘Videos’ – here you can find a Link to our YouTube page, the link to the videos that were made for the videojug project, and in the future we’ll upload things like trailers to the latest games and maybe some other fun things too

For now, if you want to see the Videos presented by me, you can go to the Videojug Videos Project Page here – We’ve got 5 Video’s embed into the page at the moment, with more added in the next couple of weeks – or you can click the link at the bottom of that page to veiw the rest of the collection.

Enjoy these videos in whatever way you want to, and we’ll bring you news whenever it decides to pop up!