Oak’s Letter Available for Platinum

Ok, so last month, Platinum players were able to use the Wi-Fi download to get the Members Card key item, allowing them to do a subquest allowing them to catch a Darkrai. Well now the next downloadable key item, Oak’s Letter, is being made for download over the Wi-Fi between September 28th to November 8th. At the moment, this date only applies to people with the US version of the game, however since the Member’s Card could be downloaded during the same time frame in both US and Europe, its quite possible that it will be available in Europe as well… we’ll bring you an update when we know for sure.

The Oak’s Letter will change the top end of route 224, the route found via the side cave near the end of victory road. Instead of a large rock, the area turns into a large amout of flowers. Its here that you’ll encounter a Shaymin, you’ll be able to battle/catch it as well. Once caught, you can take it to Floroma Town to get the Gardicia flower (if you haven’t traded a Shaymin and got the item already). The Gardicia will change Shaymin into its Sky Forme during the day (4am-8pm), it will revert back to land forme during the night, if you box it, or if you use it over Wi-Fi battles.

We’ll keep an eye out for a Euro date for this event, so expect an update about that in a couple of days – otherwise, more news when we know it.