Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles to air in UK

Sorry, I found out about this over the weekend but I wanted to wait until I had an exact time and date before I posted. I know it’s been a slow news time, of course everytime I say that some big news seems to pop up in the next couple of days… well it could happen.

The latest (dubbed) adventures of Ash, Pikachu and the gang is finally going to be aired in the UK. The DP series, Galactic Battles will beging showing on Disney XD from May. It was half expected that the channel would be airing this series at somepoint, as it currently airs the Battle Dimensions series (the one directly before it). However, the channel rebranded from Jetix to Disney XD since it took the rights for Battle Dimensions from Cartoon Network (and has the rights for the 10th and 11th pokemon movies, which have been shown since becoming Disney XD), it was unknown if the rebranding would mean that they wouldnt pick up the rights to show the latest series. Thankfully it would now seem this is not the case. With this, there is a greater hope that the channel will be showing Movie 12, Arceus and the Jewel of Life at some point in the future.

Starting with an episode dedicated to Rotom first shown in May last year in the USA, The series continues Ash and Pikachu’s journey across Sinnoh with Dawn and Brock, including getting new Pokémon, Defeating Gym Leaders and New Contests for Dawn to take part in. Hopefully there will be no breaks in the series as it airs on Disney XD as not only is this starting a year behind the USA, the Galactic Battles Series should be nearing an end over there before starting a yet unammed last DP series, while the Diamond and Pearl saga in Japan is aproaching its own end, with a brand new saga (most likely based on Black and White) will be starting in the Fall of this year.

Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles will beging with ‘Get your Rotom Running’ on (bank Holiday) Monday May 3rd at 3.30pm, with new episodes every weekday at 3.30pm (until Disney XD deside to change the schedule or thier minds on the new episodes bit… its a bit less predictable on that kind of thing with these digital channels)

It’s all we’ve got news wise for now, we’ll try to bring you more as soon as possible

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