Thoughts on Pokémon HG/SS

Since the release of Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver recently it’s likely that Pokémon news is going to dry up for a bit. However, that doesn’t mean there has to be any down time here!

Now that Pokémon HG/SS has been out for at least a few weeks in all regions it seems like the perfect time to introduce our new comments system. Now you can comment and share with your friends using your Facebook or Twitter account, follow other commenters, rate comments and have threaded discussions! Why not give it a try? What do you like about Heart Gold/Soul Silver? What do you hate about it? Click the comment button at the bottom of this article and share your thoughts on it with the community!

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  1. I like how there are two regions to explore, a pokewalker system so that you can train your pokemon when you are not playing your DS, the amount of legendaries and special events and items in the game. The thing i hate about this game is that there are less trainers to train and vs so pokemon could level up quickly. Because of that it becomes harder to beat the elite four.

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