And it Continues… In a Very Big Way

Oh boy, we were expecting news to come thick and fast, and it just hasnt stopped all day. We’ve been unable to post due to real life (which sucks, try and avoid it if you get the chance). So first we’ll be catching up, then we’ll be updating as often as possible with all the latest information.

To help keep this page clutter free, we’ll have most of the information after the jump – but we’ll keep up to date with this handy little guide:

Last Update: 17th Sept 20.35 BST
Current number of Known Pokemon: ALL OF THEM
Curent Number of Known New Moves: 17 – plus Older moves listed as part of the new TM’s list
Other peices of Info: Masuda Lies… see main post for details

Notes: We’ll use this section to let you know anything else quick without having to hit the jump. First thing you need to know is that the picture of the manual we posted yesterday is from the black version of the game. New – Elite 4 info added, right neer the top, added rematch and a very interesting note on how Gamefreak Director Junichi Masuda is a dirty rotten liar

Right, hit the jump and start exploring the new Isshu

First up, the boring, but ‘no pictures needed’ news

In the white version there’s a different leader, called Shaga, who’s an old man with white hair and a large white beard that covers his whole mouth.

We now know the elite 4 info.
First up, Shikimi (female), who is a Ghost-type trainer. Aparently uses a Desukan (Lv.48), Burungeru (Lv.48), Goruugu (Lv.48), and Shandera (Lv.50).
Next is Giima (male) a Dark-type trainer. His team aparantly has a Zuruzukin (Lv.48), Warubiaru (Lv.48), Reparudasu (Lv.48), and Kirikizan (Lv.50).
3rd is Katorea (female) a Psychic-type trainer. She aparently uses a Rankurusu (Lv.48), Musharna (Lv.48), Shinborah (Lv.48), and Gochiruzeru (Lv.50).
4th is Renbu (male) a Fighting-type trainer. His team is said to have a Nageki (Lv.48), Dageki (Lv.48), Roopushin (Lv.48), and Kojyondo (Lv.50).
The champion is your friend Belle, whom you fight several times across your journey anyway. She’s said to use a team consisting of Muurando (Lv.66), Yanakkii (Lv.66), Musharna (Lv.66), and Enbuoo/Jaroda/Daikenki (Lv.70). The last Pokemon depends on your choice of starter, since she starts with the type that’s WEAK to your choice, this would be the first time you have a natural advantage over your main rival during the whole game without having to change out your starter.

After beating the elite 4 – you go on a journey to find 7 sages. Why? Well something to do would be one good reason!

Elite 4 remach details are here, with an interesting twist at the end
Shikimi – Level 71 Desukan, Burunkeru, Goruggo, Froslass, and Level 73 Shanderaa;
Giima – Level 71 Sharpedo, Warubiaru, Zuruzukin, Drapion, Lepardasu, and Level 73 Kirikizan;
Katorea – Level 71 Musharna, Rankurusu, Shinporah, Bronzong, Gochiruzeru, and Level 73 Metagross;
Renbu – Level 71 Breloom, Kojondo, Dageki, Nageki, Toxicroak, and Level 73 Roopushin
And the twist? Well Belle isnt the champ anymore, now you have to fight a guy called Adeku. His team consists of Buffalon, Kurimugan, Baibanira, Shubarugo, (all) at level 75 and Urugamosu at level 77

Junichi Masuda LIES. On Pokemon Sunday this past week, Gamefreak Director Junichi Masuda said that no characters from previous games would be in Black and White. Well he’s a dirty rotten Liar. Not only do International Policeman Looker from Pokemon Platinum show up in the game, but Sinnoh Champion Cynthia shows up for a battle with you. Her team consists of Spiritomb, Milotic, Lucario, Wargle, and Shibirudon (all) at level 75 and Garchomp at level 77. Also Elite 4 Memeber Katorea shares a name AND looks a lot like Katorea who acompanies the Frontier Brain Darach. Enlgish Players will know her better as Caitlin. So, no cameo’s huh?

Acording to ROM rips, All of Rotom’s Alternate Forms are no longer Electric/Ghost – they become Electric/whatever the type of move that they gained as thier super special move… and if you understood that, your better than I am!

HM’s. there are 6 in the game, and they are Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Waterfall, and Dive

Aparently there are only 8 boxes in the PC. This is extreamly low, even Pokemon Yellow had 12 boxes and it only had 151 pokemon to deal with. Pokebeach has theorised that after you get the National Dex, you’ll get more boxes and we here at The Pika Club hope this is ture, especially me who likes to have a complete collection of one of each pokemon…
18th Sept Update: Good news, you do get the amount of boxes increased to 24, most likely after you get the national dex.

N Works with Team Plazma. It makes since since they both want Pokemon free from Humans. N pretends to be your freind, but is taking orders from Geechisu, the head of Team Plazma

Mega Drain’s base power has been increased from 40 to 75. Whether Giga Drain will also be affected is unknown

New Attacks:
New Moves introduced in the games are listed here
Burn Up, a fire move with Power 50, Accuracy 90 and PP of 20
Get Even, its TM67 and you get it for beating Anole in the second Gym
Troll. Its a ‘vocal’ attack, used by a new pokemon Otamaro (see below for new pokemon)
Bug Resistance is the Prize for beating Gym 3, and is TM76
Volt Charge is TM72, and you get it for beating Gym 4
Coil Wrap is a new Poison type move – Tsutarja’s final form can know this attack (it might be able to learn it at a lower evolution)

TM List. This isnt a full list, but new moves are highlighted in bold
TM02: Dragon Claw, TM03: Psycho Shock, TM05: Roar, TM09: Venom Shock, TM10: Hidden Power, TM13: Ice Beam, TM15: Hyper Beam, TM17: Protect, TM22: Solar Beam, TM28: Dig, TM29: Psychic, TM30: Shadow Ball, TM31: Brick Break, TM36: Sludge Bomb, TM39: Rock Tomb, TM41: Torment, TM42: Facade, TM43: Nitro Charge, TM44: Rest, TM45: Attract, TM46: Thief, TM53: Energy Ball, TM54: False Swipe, TM55: Boiling Water, TM56: Fling, TM57: Charge Beam, TM58: Free Fall, TM61: Will-O’-Wisp, TM62: Acrobat, TM66: Payback, TM67: Get Even, TM68: Giga Impact, TM70: Flash, TM72: Volt Change, TM76: Bug Resistance, TM78: Smooth Over, TM79: Ice Breath, TM80: Rock Throw, TM81: X-Scissor, TM82: Dragon Tail, TM83: Cheer Up, TM84: Poison Jab, TM86: Grass Knot, TM89: U-Turn, TM91: Flash Cannon, TM93: Wild Bolt, TM94: Rock Smash

And with that out of the way – here’s the main event – Single Sprites are from our spanish friends at Pokexperto, while the in game screenshots are from some very helpful posters at 2ch:

Our starters are completly confirmed

Tsutarja evolves into Jyanobii at level 17 and then into Jyarohda at 36 (all below in order)

Pokabu evolves into Chaobuu and then into Emboar (all below in order)

Mijumaru evolves into Futachimaru and them into Daikenki at Level 36 (all below in order)

While not 100% confirmed, it looks like all the starters evolve at level 17 and then at level 36

Munna can be caught at the Abandoned Lot of Dreams – you get sent here as part of the story and get jumped by Team Plazma

Also at the Abandoned Lot of Dreams are the three monkeys Yannapu, Baoppu and Hiyappu. The grass evolvution of Yannapu is Yanakki. The fire evolution of Baoppu is Baokki. The water evolution of Hiyappu is Hiyakki. They are shown left to right with thier evos next to them in the order listed above.

Zorua evolves into Zoroark at level 30, if you wanted to know

Otamaro is a tadpole pokemon (first picture below) its a water type which evolves into Gamagaru (second picture) and becomes a water/ground type. It then evolves into Gamageroge (third pic)

Dokkorar is a fighting type and evolves twice, first into Dotetsukotsu and then into Roopushin

A personal favorite of mine, Yorterrie, gets two evos. The first is Hahderia and the second is Muurando. Yorterrie’s Pokedex Entry reads ‘He will stand bravely against even strong opponents, but has the intelligence not to go into an unfavorable battle’

Fushide is a Bug/Poison pokemon. It evolves twice, first into a cocoon pokemon Hoiiga and then into Pendoraa

Like Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee, Nageki & Dageki may look similar, but they dont evolve from each other. Degaki’s pokedex entry says ‘you can hear the sounds of fists smashing on rocks and trees from atop the mountains it trains on’

Yabukuron is the Garbage Bag Pokemon, a Poison type. It evolves into Dasutodasu

Zuruggu is a Dark/Fighting type pokemon. it evoves into Zuruzukin

Darumakka is confirmed to be a pre-evo of Hihidaruma

Chorenko’s, a Dark type cat pokemon recently revealed, evolves into the leopard like Reparudasu, also a pure dark-type

The bug/grass type Kurumiru evolves first into Kurumayu and then into Hahakomori

The little electric Zebra Shimama gets an evolution in Zebraika

The little Bat pokemon Koromori gets an evolution in Kokoromori

the Ghost Type Desumasu is the pre-evolution of the previously revealed Desukaan

Gochimu is the start of an exclusive pokemon to the Black Version. It evolves into Gochimiru and then into Gochiruzeru, the one we already knew about.

If your playing the white version however, you’ll be finding Yuniran, which evolves into Daburan and finally into Rankurusu, whom we already knew about.

The little pigeon like pokemon Mamepato evolves into Hatooboo and then into Kenhorou.

Kenhorou has a very different look depending one which Gender the pokemon is. The female is the plain one, shown above and on the right of the picture below, while the male one is a lot more colourful and flashy

Koaruhii is the pre-evolved version of a previously known pokemon, Swanna

We already knew about the ground type crocodile Meguroko. It will first evolve into Warubiru before getting a colour change when it evolves to Warubiaru

The little Cloud Monmen was revealed in CoroCoro recently. Expose the little guy to a Sun Stone, you’ll get Erefuun

Bachuru is the pre-evo of another recently revealed pokemon, Denchura

This is a bug type called Kaburumo it evolves into Shubarugo, a bug/steel type

One of the strangest evoltion lines (at least according to me) starts with Banipucchi, an ice type (based of ice cream of all things). It first evolves into Baniricchi and then into Baibanira

The recently revealed grass type Churine gets an evolution in Doredia, who’s Pokedex Entry Reads: Its stunning flowers are difficult to grow, even for veteran trainers. This Pokemon is popular with celebrities.

A Pokemon with no Evolution, Marakachi is a grass type. It is the Cactus Pokemon and has the Water Absorb ability. Its Pokedex Entry says: With up-tempo dance and sounds it drives away its natural bird Pokemon enemies who are after its flower’s seeds.

We discovered Dangoro in CoroCoro last week. It will evolve into Gantoru before finishing up evolving into Gigaiasu, which we knew about months ago. All 3 are rock types.

Pururiru is a water/ghost type that evolves into Burunkeru

It may look like a fish, but Shibishirasu and its Evolutions Shibibiiru and Shibirudon are pure Electric types

Purotoga and Abagoora are both Water/Rock types. They may be a Fossil Pokemon

Aken and Aakeosu are Rock/Flying types. They may also be Fossil Pokemon

Tesshido and Nattorei are Grass/Steel types

Rigure is a weird looking Psychic type that evolves into the stranger looking Oobemu

Chobomaki is a bug type that evolves into Agirudaa

Gobitto and its evolution Goruggo are ground/ghost types

Hitomoshi, Ranpuraa and Shanderaa are a Ghost/Fire type evolution line

Kumashun and Tsunbeaa are Ice Types

Ishizumai and Iwaparesu are bug/rock types

Shinporah has no evolution and is a Psychic/Flying type

Chillarmy evolves into Chirachiino

The recently revealed Tamagetake has an evolution, Morobareru. Both are Bug/poison types

Gear has 2 evolutions, Gigear and Gigigear

Kibago evolves into Onondo before evolving into the already revealed Ononokusu. all three are pure dragon types

Furiijio is a pokemon with no evolutions, and is an Ice type

Another one with no evolution is Maggyo, an electric/ground type.

Kojofuu and Kojondo are Fighting types.

Kurimugan is a pure dragon type with no evolutions

Komatana and Kirikizan are Dark/Steel types

Buffalon is a normal type with no evolutions

Washibon is the pre-evolution of Wooguru

Baruchai and Barujiina are Dark/Flying types

Kuitaran is a fire type with no evolutions

Aianto is a bug/steel type with no evolutions

Monozu, Jiheddo and Sazando are Dark/Dragon types

Meraruba and Urugamosu are Bug/Fire types

Kobaruon is a Steel/Fighting type that’s aparantly part of a legendary trio

Terakion is a Rock/Fighting type and is aparantly the second of a legendary trio

Birijion is Grass/Fighting type and is aparantly the third in this legendary trio set

Torunerosu is the very first Pure Flying Type. Its aparently apart of a secondary Legendary Trio

Borutorosu is Electric/Flying type, and aparantly the second of this legendary trio set

Randorosu is Ground/Flying type, and would be the last of this legendary trio

Kyuremu is a Dragon/Ice legendary pokemon (we think… on the legendary part anyway)

Kerudio is a Water/Fighting type who we beleive to be an Event only Legendary…

Meroetta is a Normal/Psychic type who we beleive to be an Event only Legendary…

And Finally Genosekto, a Bug/Steel type who we beleive to be an Event only Legendary…

And other than the Pokemon we already knew about (if they werent posted here already)… that is ALL the pokemon in the new Black and White games.