It Has Begun

And so the grand leak starts, as information about the new Black and White games are released this Saturday.

First up is a picture of 2ch, supposedly taken from the instruction manual – remember that information has been faked coming out of the Japanese image boards. Still, chances are this could be real, and if so – this would be the first time we see all the Gym Leaders from the new games.

The first 2 are hidden in the picture, but we already know about them – Either Dento, Poddo and Kon will challenge you in Sanyou City depending on which Pokémon you chose to start with, using the type advantage against you in the first gym. In the second gym in Shippou City, Anole will fight you with normal types.

It look’s like one of Ash’s new companion in the new anime, Iris, will be the 8th Gym leader.

The following information has come translated thanks to Pokebeach:

The 3rd Gym: is a Bug type Gym, found in Hiun City. You’ll get the Beetle Badge and all Pokemon up to Level 40 will obey. Unfortunatly they’ve yet to translate the name of the Gym Leader, probably due to it being covered.
The 4th Gym is headed by Kamitsure and is an Electric type Gym. You’ll get the Bolt Badge and all Pokemon up to Level 50 will obey.
The 5th Gym is headed by Yakon and is a Ground type Gym, found in Hodomoe City. You’ll get the Quake Badge for winning and all Pokemon up to Level 60 will obey you.
The 6th Gym is headed by Furou and is a Flying type Gym, found in Fukiyosa City. You’ll win the Jet Badge and all Pokemon up to Level 70 will obey.
The 7th Gym is headed by Hachiku and is an Ice type Gym, found in Sekka City. You’ll obtain the Icicle Badge and all Pokemon up to Level 80 will obey.
The 8th Gym is headed by Ash’s new friend Iris and is a Dragon type Gym, found in Souryuu City. You’ll get the Legend Badge for victory and all Pokemon will now obey you.

That’s all we’ve got for the moment, but dont worry – more will come very soon

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