Black and White… in 3D???

So here’s an interesting piece of news that was kind of dropped on everybody. According to a ‘buying guide’ for the Nintendo 3DS by gaming website IGN, Pokemon Black and White might have some kind of 3D support on the forthcoming handheld system

While it wont be in Full 3D like games made specifically for the system, IGN said that the 3DS will be backward compatible with DS games, which will play as normal – but some recent releases, including (and specifically naming) Pokemon Black and White will have “some enhanced functionality”

What that means, we dont know… we’re not even sure if its a genuine comment, or if IGN accidently mistaken the DSi extras (like the face to face conversation mode – Xtransceiver) as only available on a 3DS (which they will be, but not only)

It’s also not unheard of that a game having enhanced features on the next ‘console’ – upon the release of the Gameboy Colour, lots of remakes of classic Gameboy games came out with a DX after the name (Super Mario Land and Zelda: Links Awakening to name 2) – the games worked on normal Gameboys, but were in colour on a GBC, while Links Awakening had a whole new dungeon available only on the Gameboy Colour. Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons/Ages, while being Gameboy Colour games, had additional features available to you if you were playing the games on a Gameboy Advance

Pokemon is no stranger to this action either. The original Gold and Silver were built for the original Gameboy, but were available in Colour when played on a Gameboy Colour… could the same happen again. Could Black and White, when played on a 3DS, have some sort of 3D effect over the battles – it would be perfectly made for it.

We’ll find out more about the enhancements later this month when Japan gets its 3DS released/

On a side note, following up yesterday’s Mammoth amout of translated names, there’s another one revealed on the official website, Karakusa town, the first town you travel through (which, as standard, doesnt have a gym), is now called Accumula Town

We’ll bring you more news when we learn it!