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First up an amendment from yesterday’s news story – it seems like IGN’s statment about black and white having additional enhancments on a 3DS has been removed from the article. This puts further in doubt the actual statment’s meaning, but we’ll have to find out for ourselves when the 3DS is released in Japan later this month.

This moth’s CoroCoro magazine has leaked. It leakes every month but we only ever care if its got some interesting news in it… and this month it has.

The magazine features some details on the movie: Victini and the Dark Hero: Zekrom by saying that on the same day another movie will be released titled Victini and the Light Hero: Reshiram.

What? 2 Movies? Well it looks like it, but how it will work is a mystery. The most likely scenario will be that they are 2 shorter movies shown back to back (but can be viewed seperatly) – which is how Marvel did thier ‘Hulk Vs’ movie a couple of years back. Then again, Pokebeach has suggested it could be the same movie with minor differences – exactly how the games work. It’s a long way till July 16th, so we’ll find out more details along the way

Oh and in case you were interested, here’s the scann of CoroCoro with this info in it

That’s all we have now, we’ll bring you more when we learn it

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