Melee! Pokemon Scramble Gameplay Footage

Want to see some footage of the upcoming Wiiware game, Melee! Pokemon Scramble? Yeah you do.

More details after the jump.

Some more information regarding Melee! Pokemon Scramble has recently been released. Here’s the lowdown:

  • You collect, raise and battle toy Pokemon (as seen by the winding up of them in the video)
  • The game appears to be closer in spirit to the Dreamcast’s Power Stone than Super Smash Bros.
  • The game features various modes. One is a dungeon based Story mode, which supports 2 player co-op, as you go through dungeons beating and catching other Pokemon before fighting bosses. The video showed off a ‘screenshot’ feature where you can take a picture of what’s happening on screen.
  • Also features a 4 player stadium mode where you and 3 friends face off against a wave of Pokemon.
  • The game allows players to store their Pokemon onto their Wiimote to take round a friend’s house.
  • Released in Japan on 16th June for 1,500 Wii points.