Pokémon Black/White merchandise and new Pokémon

Wow news can pop up fast! Right now the latest news comes by way of Pokebeach who managed to snap some pictures of new Pokémon apparently shown in an advert before the first screening of the latest Pokémon movie.


Unnamed Pokémon

It seems like we’ve also got a confirmation for Koromori mentioned in a prior news post by way of a new trailer from Oha Suta. This lends extra credence to the scan and therefore it seems likely that the evolutions for the three new starters it also pictures are probably the real deal.

Koromori from Filb.de

Apparently a user on 2ch (the largest imageboard in Japan) has acquired some merchandise claiming to be new Pokémon too:

Possible new Pokémon

Another Japanese imageboard user has also claimed to have obtained a demo of Pokémon Black/White containing a few new Pokémon. Below is a screenshot supposedly taken from the demo.


As with anything when it comes to new Pokémon take this all with a grain of salt because everyone is scrambling to become the first to report news and in doing so it can be all too easy to accept news from unconfirmed sources.

One thing we can confirm is that there is some Pokémon Black/White themed DS merchandise on the way!

Pokémon Black/White earphones and DS carry cases.

Whether these make it to the west or if they remain solely in Japan we don’t know yet but we’ll let you know as soon as we know. Hit the jump for some more new Pokémon Black/White pictures.

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Twelfth Movie Preview Shows Glimpse of Thirteenth Movie

An early screening of the Twelfth Pokemon movie shown yesterday revealed a glimpse of Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver footage, as well as a sneak peek at the thirteenth Pokemon movie. Not much is known about this movie so far, apart from the fact that it features Lugia and Ho-Oh, which is almost certainly in reference to the Heart Gold/Soul Silver games. The trailer also featured the three legendary dogs and the Red Gyarados from Gold/Silver in 3D. This would seem to suggest Red Gyarados will be present in Heart Gold/Soul Silver.

Arceus: To the Conquering of Space-Time will be released on 18th July across Japanese cinemas and is undated elsewhere. To see the full trailer, click the link below.

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