UK Arceus Event Announced…Finally

Good news for those of us in the uk who don’t have international friends or cheat, the one pokemon we’re missing from all of our collections, Arceus, will be given away at Game stores in the two weekends leading up to Heart Gold and Soul Silver’s release.

It will only be held at a few stores around the country, the list found at the following link will give you the full details:

Along with downloading the legendary Pokémon, selected stores will have some face painting, ballon modeling and a Pokémon Expert to give a few hints and tips, and maybe he’ll except a challenge or two. Of course, if your local event doesnt have this trainer, you’re sure to find some fan who knows enough to help you, and willing to have a battle or two.

The Arceus unlocks a special event when its traded to Heart Gold or Soul Silver. When taken to a location known as Shinjo Ruins, The Arceus will create an Egg of either Dialga, Palkia or Giratina (which ever you decide), along with Cynthia showing up giving more background to the Creation Pokemon itself.

We’ll bring you more news when we learn it, and maybe I’ll see you at one of the events to get an Arceus

News Round up, including Events, Marathons and Forum Competitions

Ok, first off I want to apologise for the lack of updates recently. Unfortunately it’s a bit of a busy and turbulent time for me at the moment, so I’m not able to be as active as I would like. Anyway, here’s a quick round up of the news.

First up, the Wii-ware game Pokémon Rumble is scheduled for release in the US on November 16th. No details on a European release but if its anything like Pokémon Ranch, it wont be at the same time.

Arceus. The last, final unavailable Pokémon (unless you count the Japanese movie release) will be released in Toy’s R Us stores in the US between November 7th and November 15th. You’ll be able to download it to any Diamond, Pearl or Platinum cart now and transfer it to a Heart Gold or Soul Silver cart later, where it will unlock a special event.

Also in Arceus News, this Friday (6th November) Australian Cartoon Network will be showing the 12th movie Arceus and the Jewel of Life. No details on a US or European date for showing but both this piece of news and the previous one proves this piece of news that this is all going ahead of the schedule used in the last couple of years.

In other Download events. Japan has a couple for Heart Gold and Soul Silver coming up. The first, between November 11th and November 23rd will be a level 5 Mew. Then between November 27th and January 11th the Enigma Crystal will be available to download… this item needs to be taken to the Pewter City museum to turn it into a Soul Dew. This will then let you fight and capture either Latios or Latias depending on which version you have. On a side note, between January 29th and February 11th the level 5 Mew will be available to download on all Japanese Diamond, Pearl and Platinum carts… so don’t forget to pick up a second if you have a copy of those as well

And now for a couple of pieces of news we’ve been meaning to mention for a couple of weeks. The Speed Gamers (found at are currently finishing up a Resident Evil marathon raising money for Diabetes research. But on December 18th they try their second attempt at making a complete Pokédex on one card in 72hours or less. The idea is they start from scratch and attempt to capture every single Pokémon and put them onto one cart. They’ve attempted this feat before, and didn’t quite manage it. And with 2 more event Pokémon released since then, they have a great challenge on their hand. Whether they complete the task or not, they’ll be raising money for the charity Ally’s House. We’ll remind you about this attempt closer to the time.

And lastly, don’t forget to drop by the forums and post. We’ve got a few active people around the forums, wanting more people to talk to. Also enter into our monthly forum competition. This month, we’re running a design a trainer competition where the winner will receive a custom trainer sprite and a trainer card made up by me. Here’s an example of what the finish product will be like.


We’ll bring you more when we can.

Lots of News

It’s been a week since Heart Gold and Soul Silver were released in Japan and we’ve managed to clear up some things about what’s new to the game. A lot of this information is just specifics as to stuff mentioned in the last news post. If you’re interested in any of it, head on over to the Heart Gold Soul Silver section of our forums and ask for explanations in anything you’re interested in.

In other news, the 12th movie has been given an English title. Arceus and the Jewel of Life is the third and final in the Diamond and Pearl movies, following on from The Rise of Darkrai and Giratina and the Sky Warrior. This movie will see Ash and friends in Michina Town which has a long history with the legendary Pokémon. According to legend, after the creation Pokémon gave the townspeople some of its power (the Jewel of Life mentioned in the title), the people then betrayed Arceus. As you can imagine, Arceus isn’t best pleased over this, and its rage sets to destroy the world. With the help of Dialga, Ash and co head back in time to try and undo all mistakes made.

There’s no release date yet on the 12th movie, but like the Arceus reveal itself, this reveal is a few months earlier than it has traditionally been in previous years, leading me to believe that it could be released earlier than the Easter/early spring release the movies usually get.

Speaking of Arceus, the creation Pokémon is the subject of the next TCG set due for release on November 4th. Platinum – Arceus will have over 100 cards, including multiple energy types of the main Pokémon itself.

Back to Heart Gold and Soul Silver, a couple of the things we’ve learned is that a lot of Sinnoh and Hoenn Pokémon show up in the wild. During the bug contest in the National Park, if you try it on a Thursday or a Saturday after you get the national dex, Hoenn and Sinnoh bug types will show up, including Wurmple and Kricketot. Also after getting the national dex, the music channel will play either the Hoenn sound on Wednesday or the Sinnoh sound on Thursday. Played in various areas across Johto and Kanto, these two sounds can make either Hoenn or Sinnoh Pokémon show up in the wild.

Also, if you’ve got a copy of HG or SS, don’t forget to download the special Yellow Forest Pokéwalker course. This course features a lot of Pikachu, some of which may know surf and fly… otherwise impossible moves for a Pikachu to know.

That’s all for the moment, we might update with some more HG/SS news/features/explanations soon. Otherwise, more news when we learn it.

Twelfth Movie Preview Shows Glimpse of Thirteenth Movie

An early screening of the Twelfth Pokemon movie shown yesterday revealed a glimpse of Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver footage, as well as a sneak peek at the thirteenth Pokemon movie. Not much is known about this movie so far, apart from the fact that it features Lugia and Ho-Oh, which is almost certainly in reference to the Heart Gold/Soul Silver games. The trailer also featured the three legendary dogs and the Red Gyarados from Gold/Silver in 3D. This would seem to suggest Red Gyarados will be present in Heart Gold/Soul Silver.

Arceus: To the Conquering of Space-Time will be released on 18th July across Japanese cinemas and is undated elsewhere. To see the full trailer, click the link below.

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New Pokemon to be revealed?

It’s been a while since we learnt about any new Pokemon, even longer if you don’t count the aditional forms some Pokemon can turn into on Platinum version. However we could be finding out about 3 new Pokemon really soon.

The 12th movie’s official site has updated with info on Arceus and the Pikachu coloured Pichu. It’s also updated with some promotional merchandise for the film, including a range of 14 keychains. Howerver 3 of the keychains are blanked out, with question marks covering them (as shown in the picture bellow) 


Could this be a hint as to three new Pokemon going to be revealed in the new movie? Well yes, revealing new Pokemon for the next generation of games has been a tradition of the Movies since the very first one came out revealing Marill and Snubbull (ok, so it was actually the little Pikachu short that went with the movie, but the point is valid). Alternativly, the keychains could contain new Forme’s for Pokemon to turn into, as apposed to being brand new Pokemon.

As soon as we learn what those three are, we’ll let you know about them.

Oha Suta releases new Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver info

Japanese television show Oha Suta aired recently giving us some more insight into how events work in Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver.

Pichu event in action

Pichu event in action

When players travel to Ilex Forest with Pikachu coloured Pichu (a movie event download) tagging along, Notch-eared Pichu will jump out from behind the shrine. An old man then comes out and explains things in more detail.

Pichu battle

Pichu battle

More information about Arceus has also been revealed. The Arceus given away at cinemas in Japan will unlock a new region called Shinto Ruins if traded to Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver. However to unlock the region Arceus must first be brought along to the Ruins of Alph where Cynthia will be waiting.


Unown swarming Arceus

The Unown will then gather around Arceus before an egg is made of either Dialga, Palkia or Giratina.

Hit the jump for the video of Oha Suta.

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Official Japanese Heart Gold/Soul Silver Site Opens

The official Heart Gold/Soul Silver site section of has opened, bringing not much new information but some nice quality screenshots and pictures. Click on the pictures below for bigger versions.

Clearer CoroCoro scans emerge

Courtesy of Japanese website, clearer magazine scans have been uploaded which reveal some more new information. Listed below is the new information, hit the jump for all of the clearer scans.

  • The Pokédex has a redesigned model and features two colours depending on the gender of the trainer, red for male and pink for female.
  • The touch screen is to feature more predominantely. You can organise your PC, Pokédex and bag items using the touch screen interface.
  • A large scan of the map of Johto suggests players can head west into Kanto. Whether Kanto features in HG/SS is unconfirmed but seems likely as Kanto featured in the original Gold/Silver games.
  • Confirmed! Any of the 493 Pokemon can follow you around and you can talk to them to see how they are feeling at any time.
  • The Pikachu-coloured Pichu given out at recent events in Japan will trigger an event featuring notch-eared Pichu in Ilex Forest, previous home to Celebi.
  • More information about the special event Jirachi has been revealed. It’s available as a WiFi download event in Japan at DS Download Stations and Nintendo Zone areas. Apparently if it’s traded to HG/SS, it will unlock something. Its stats are as follows:
    • Level 5 holding Liechi Berry
    • Knows Wish, Confusion, Rest, Draco Meteor
  • Lastly, pre-orders begin for the game on 4th July in Japan. If you pre-order Heart Gold, you will get a Ho-Oh figure. If you pre-order Soul Silver, you will get a Lugia figure. Pre-order both and you’ll get an Arceus figure.

Click the link below for pictures of all the scans.

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Twelfth Movie Pokemon Giveaway

Apologies for being late on this update as staff are currently pre-occupied with getting the Pokédex up and running as soon as possible.

Anyway, leaked scans from CoroCoro indicate that two Pokemon will be given away with the Twelfth Pokemon movie, Arceus: To A Conquering Spacetime, out in Japan on 18 July 2009. These two Pokemon are Arceus and a shiny Pichu.



The Pichu will be at level 30 and will come with the following moves:

  • Charm
  • Endeavor
  • Volt Tackle
  • Charge


Arceus will come at level 100 and will know the following moves:

  • Judgment
  • Roar of Time
  • Spacial Rend
  • Shadow Force

It will also be holding the Rowap Berry, the only berry so far unavailable through legitimate means.